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:drool: I have no idea what he's saying, but hubba hubba...

Lauda has that effect on me too

Just dont' take it personal. I go there with a smile on my face, leaving with an even bigger smile cause the ridiculousness of some posters is just hilarious. :lol: I don't take any of that shit serious.
Oh I know. It just doesnt make sense to me that you can hate something so much and be a 'fan'. I may give Ad' a hard time over the new hairdo ( :giggle: ) but that doesn't mean I don't friggin' love him with my entire being.

I am just tired of everyone going "oh we're never getting new music and if we do it is going to suck balls". Be freaking grateful that they're even still recording. Because truthfully, they don't HAVE to. They can retire and be fat rich old guys. :lol:

I'll be in my bunk. With Adam. Send pizza. :wink:
I think we are pretty hilarious myself. Just hear yourself talking about steamy bassplayers and bunks. :lol:

Interference in unclean.
:uhoh: So basically I'm not allowed to criticise the band anymore here either?

Sorry but I think you can be a great fan and still be critical of their work... Sure some of those guys are overdoing it on the negativity, but I do agree that some things suck...
There is a slight difference between how that lot is acting and general criticism of the band.

I just know that the guys over there are bashing Bono and Co now but as soon as they hit the road they'll be tripping over rail spots and kissing the man's arse.

It's irritating and grating and I'm going to stay the hell away from there for ANOTHER three months. At least in here we can talk about them without saying they suck.
But where in that thread were people bashing them and saying they suck? I mean, there might have been one or two cranks, but come on.

(Granted, I tend to skim.)
Basically, the only thing I find intimidating about the EYKIW users and posters is their INSANE post amount.
How they fill those posts? I Don't care.

But the higher the post count the more intimidating the user seems :lol:
Ehhhhh .... post count ain't nothin' but a number. ;)

You are one of them :sad:

p.s I knew you'd be the first one to reply. :hi5: You are off the charts when it comes to posting Miss. I bow to you.


Okay, maybe not. I'll just keep sitting in my lazy chair and try and beat your post count.
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