Next Album Rumours Thread V - Your Song Ruined My Life

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This makes sense. Drummer from Great Band Who Takes Too Long Between Releases joins Great Show That Takes Too Long Between Releases.
The only reason it's passe to judge people for selling out is because our culture has been completely altered by 40 years of extreme capitalism and extreme capitalist propaganda.

Bruce's bloodline was already set for the next several generations. Maybe none of them wanted to manage his catalog, but they could just hire someone. The Bowie estate has someone handling the catalig. Corporations have proven themselves to be terrible stewards of the art they own and it's very unfortunate that so many extremely rich artists are selling their life's work to institutions that don't care about it. I see these moves as representations of extreme greed more than anything else. The only thing the super rich - and Bruce is certainly super rich - want is MORE. It's unfortunate to see people like Bruce resort to turning tricks when they could afford to buy a small country.


David Bowie’s estate has reached a deal to sell the music icon’s songwriting catalog to Warner Chappell in one of the largest music publishing deals to date.

According to a press release from Warner Chappell, “the agreement comprises songs from the 26 David Bowie studio albums released during his lifetime, as well as the posthumous studio album release, Toy. It also includes the two studio albums from Tin Machine alongside tracks released as singles from soundtracks and other projects.”

The company did not divulge financial details, but sources told Variety that the deal, which includes Bowie’s “entire body of work,” was worth more than $250 million. The deal will bring nearly all of the Thin White Duke’s catalog under the Warner umbrella. The newly acquired catalog stretches across 60 years and includes iconic songs like “Heroes,” “Changes,” “Space Oddity,” “Fame,” “Let’s Dance,” “Rebel Rebel,” “Golden Years,” and “Ziggy Stardust.”
Sorry. It was an Alt Version of Every Breaking Wave. It was only posted a few days ago, never heard it before but sounded great.
I’ve been championing this alt version since it appeared. The album version is my least fav track on SOI so I happily replaced it with this one in my custom tracklisting. The guitar gives it a more organic feel and some needed energy, and you only sacrifice the changing of a line or two in the chorus which is a negligible difference.
See I've heard that one before but this one seemed to have louder guitars. Regardless this version and one I tried posting is way better than the album cut. Guitar sounds awesome!

Yeah thats it. Was really moved by the guitars starting at 3:10. I wish the Edge would wakeup again.
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