Next Album Rumours Thread III - The Gospel of Adam

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We can joke all we want, I laughed a few times at the posts here.

However, this is downright sad compared to say, early 2014 when Invisible was released. He was looking great for his age then. Picking up right where he left off on the 2011 360 leg.

Whatever that bike accident did, he hasn't been the same in any way since.

I thought I&E overall topped 360, he performed amazingly well. However, watching some 360 video from 2010/11 last week, I was amazed by how much he ran around those big cat walks and stage area. This especially stood out because it was one of the criticisms back then that he wasn't doing as much moving around as he did on Elevation and Vertigo.

Granted, we're 10 years on from 360, not expecting the same Bono. And 50 to 60 is easily one of the biggest aging decades for almost anyone. Still, the decline has been noticeable.

And not healthy
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You’d think after the heart issue (zoom in, you’ll see the scar on his chest), he’d be taking better care of himself.
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