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i think both things can be true... that it's an overpay, and that there wasn't a realistic better option currently available.

i also think the only way the Nets would trade Bridges to the Knicks was with an overpay, and that you're underrating him a bit.

there's an obvious risk here - but i would disagree with the assessment that it doesn't bring them closer to Boston if you assume the Knicks are a) not done, and b) healthier next year.
The other piece is Anunoby. If he re-signs, you have two high-level defensive wings presumably to match against Brown and Tatum. He's going to have a lot of suitors, though. I would imagine NY made this move confident they would re-sign OG. Not sure where that leaves Randle.
I think people don't yet realize how difficult team building is with the new CBA. Once Brunson's and potentially Randle's extensions kick in, it would VERY difficult for the Knicks to swing any trade for a major superstar, as they would likely be a second apron team and wouldn't be able to aggregate salaries. Mikal fits the team like a glove, is cost controlled, is a two-way player, and young. Yes, it's a high price, and they might regret the 2031 pick. But this is not a Garnett/Pierce trade. The entire rotation, their 6th, 7th and 8th men are in their 20s, the rest of the East except for Boston has weaknesses, and this is a team that hasn't had a sustained run of success for years. They have just enough left to resign I-Hart if he decides to come back (though he will likely get better offers elsewhere). I'm totally fine with this trade. NBA windows close much quicker than one expects, and frankly I'm happy that we don't have to keep the perennial search for a star. Give me a fun team I can root for, and which has a puncher's chance, and I'm fine with it.

sorry, Woj.

all of what you said? yea, it's also nepotism. trust me - i know all about what you're talking about.

but the team was supposed to be different. that's supposed to be about competition and earning your way. this isn't signing him as an undrafted free agent and letting him toil in the G League for a few years. this is putting an unqualified person on an NBA roster simply because of who is father is - a week after the same team hired daddy's unqualified podcaster friend to be the head coach.

it's a nice story - today.

when he takes a roster spot away from someone more deserving. when daddy's podcaster coach friend plays him over someone else. how's that going to fly in the locker room? how are the guys 8th through 15th on the roster going to respond when they get sent down to the G League because Bronny needs to be on the team, costing them millions of dollars?

it's a dynamic we've never seen before in professional sports. this is NOT the Griffeys. Junior was the #1 pick in a draft, a can't miss superstar who would go on to become a first ballot hall of famer and one of the greatest to ever play.

Bronny averaged 5 points per game for a bad team. the guy drafted just before him was all WCC at Gonzaga and averaged 15 and 7. they beat USC by 13 in a game that wasn't as close as the final score says it was.

there's a lot more to this than putting a coach's son in the video room, or the owner's son working in biz ops.
Yeah, at this point it's more useful to think of salaries as a percentage of the cap than their absolute value, since the latter is bananas now.

Tyson Chandler earned about 13m/year for the Knicks 10 years ago. It was 23% of the cap. OG is about to earn 36m in his first year, and it will be 26% of the cap.
Klay to the Mavs is a bit of a shock - and also sort of hilarious that nobody wants to play with LeBron, as that was always thought of as the most likely destination considering that Klay is from LA and his dad is a Laker legend and broadcaster.

but the Celtics ownership putting the team on the market is downright shocking.
now if we want to talk about real life, legitimate, tankworthy prospects, look no further than the prize of next year's loaded draft, Cooper Flagg.

Mind you - the kid is only 17. He reclassified the other way - he should be entering his senior year in high school this year. He doesn't turn 18 until December.

Record in the pooper for Cooper.
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