NBA 2023-24 Thread

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Can't believe I got LeBron to answer my phone call. Should be a fun year in Milwaukee.
In all fairness, we don't know the answer to that yet. Milwaukee could win it all next year and we'd take the former.
Well Kyrie said he would win a championship for the Celtics, so far that's working out well.

Wasn't good timing that it was up against the Tom Brady Patriots Hall Of Fame induction, but I watched the Celtics. Very stressful game
I'm not a big believer in superstition and what not, but Kyrie hasn't beaten the Celtics since he stomped on Lucky's head.

The series is obviously over, but I think it was over before it started to be perfectly honest.

Luka is clearly compromised. He's not exactly Prime Gary Payton when healthy. Right now he's just an absolute black hole on defense though.

And even with that, the Mavs are a plus when he's on the court and a huge minus when he's not. Which is crazy because he's probably responsible for most of Boston's points on the defensive side of the floor. That's how important he is offensively to what Dallas does.

This isn't to say that Dallas would win the series if Luka was 100%. They'd just have to work harder, especially with Porzingis out. But Dallas with a compromised Luka is not a good team, and it shows.

Boston is by far the best team in the league and as long as they stay healthy that shouldn't change for a year or two. Thanks again, Milwaukee.

The main threats to them going forward will be Denver if they can build their bench back up, Minnesota if Edwards can make another leap, OKC if they can find a big body to help on defense and the boards, and the Knicks if they can stay healthy and add another piece.

But that's about it.
Outside of Luka and Kyrie, Mavs have really nothing.
PJ Washington is....OK.
Lively will probably become a serviceable player, but his youth is showing especially in the games in Boston.
Gafford? Complete trash.
Kleiber? Complete trash.
Derrick Jones Jr? Also trash

The other scrubs Kidd tried to get something out of last night (an 11-man rotation in the finals, that's coach of the year thinking right there) should never see the floor unless its garbage time.
At this point, Boston has silenced their critics, myself included. They've steadied the ship in this series every time they have needed to, which was probably their only vulnerability coming in.

I'm still curious how Minnesota would have done against them given their defensive size and skill, but apparently they are in a really challenging financial position moving forward and probably won't be able to keep the current group intact.
Gotta say, I think Mazzulla has done a good job in the finals thus far.
Whoever devised the game plan to attack Luka on the defensive end (whether it was Crazy Joe, Charles Lee, Cassell or a collaborative effort), that was a great coaching decision.

And Mazzulla has been a lot better about his use of timeouts than earlier in his long-storied HC career.
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