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Grimace is also a noun AND a verb. He goes both ways.
i'm not a tin hat wearing guy over here - but seems fairly suspect that there have been 7 pitchers suspended since the whole sticky stuff ban went into place - and 3 of them were mets, and all 3 came after the Mets accused the Padres of cheating in the wild card game.

most of the time they let the pitchers wash their hands if they're suspicious.
Baseball players are always going to find new, inventive ways to cheat, my God.
I personally love it, but I'm biased towards it because when I was a kid, I was given a book about the history of cheating in baseball, and it's brainwashed me into believing it's part of the game.

EDIT: But the key is to not get caught. You get caught, you catch whatever heat comes your way. That's what I love about cheating in baseball, is the sneakiness. If you're not sneaky enough, you deserve it.
What's really awesome is that Bobby Bo is gonna get paid until 2035. He'll be able to buy his great grandchildren enough Christmas presents.
my 9 year old was like "are they really going to blow a 6 run lead" and i just sat him down and told him "son, you are now a mets fan"
The day after my son was born in April 2004, I sat in the hospital room holding him while the wife was sleeping and watched the Red Sox home opener, which they lost. I said, "welcome to life as a Red Sox fan".

Of course, then they went out and won the WS 6 months later and ruined that story.
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