it's official #let's give a nice io welcome to chicago the lemur

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Aug 29, 2001
i am pleased to announce on this beautiful chicago day that my household is honored to have a recent fuzzy addition.

i have been given the gift of a lemur. a lovely lemur named chicago. he came all the way from england to live with me.

i love him already. :heart:


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lemur lovin'

as you can see since i don't have a digital camera i was forced to scan young chicago, so the pic doesn't truly do him justice.

chicago the lemur also wrote me a lovely note...



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I'm so pleased to see that my twin has safely completed his journey across the Atlantic Ocean. :)
hi salvudor.....

hi moowntwimma....

hi bincheee.....

hi shwicargo....

bearahbooo and me arr her in shampaan

bearahbooo kant cee annyting
Diemen said:
Chicago's eyes looks like he's been smoking some of that there wacky tabacky. His spelling does too.


:uhoh: :lmao:

I was just thinking his eyes look like the eyes in Cleasai's avatar :silent: :crack:
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:lol: :lmao:
I clicked on here and saw this:

(Users Browsing this Forum: ABEL, Binghampton, Moontrimmer, avro)

Attack of the:
hyy avro rothko es cryen cuz hes furgotin jus cuz hes teh teleegen lemur:sad:

eim glaadd chikawgoe mayd et too merika ei membur wen ei wen frum mericka to inglund en a antelope an et wuz darc an scarree an ey wuz sadd ta sae gudby ta salvador an meggie butt den ey gott heer an mit sam ann eeted choklet an chiken!!!!!!!!!! an ei wuz hapee an hem an ele mayd mee feul ryt att hoem!!!
I took this picture before Chicago left:

(from left to right)Chicago, Salvador, Moontrimmer, and Rothko


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sareee Rothgo. Ur sow smaart. Iz fogez stufd. to mush tim with jetz egzaust
geph brot picturs broshur of leahmers frum teh denvur zuu for i and bearahbooo.
LMAO!! :lmao:

chicago says hello to his brothers. hopefully he will register at soon so he can keep in touch with everyone. :sexywink:

he's having chocolate for dinner tonight. :love:

he also wants his fellow lemurs to know that he will do everything in his power to further the pengies' cause.

OMC meggie, this is so funny that you posted that pic with the thing from Chick-Fil-A...yesterday, I got a coupon from Chick-Fil-A, and looked at the writing on it and even thought to myself "hmm, that kinda looks how the lemurs talk" :der: :crack: :lmao: :help:

Ody said:
wait, ABEL is a lemur?

no, I'm not a lemur :lol: at least I don't think so :cute:
my mom saw the lemur today. she didn't know what it was.

mom: what's that furry thing sitting on your bed? :eyebrow:

me: uh, it's a lemur. :shifty:

mom: :scratch:

me: i got it from my friend megan who lives in england, but she used to live in d.c. and i've actually never met her but she is really cool and sends me neat cds and lemurs.

mom: :crack:

me: :laugh:
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