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Apr 9, 2001
Western New York
WARNING: This post involves ranting about the workplace. If you'd rather not be bothered, stop reading now.

So I'm a receptionist in an animal hospital. Today the receptionsists were told that we are now responsible for cleaning the bathroom in the front part of the hospital. You know, the one the clients use when they can't wait to get home. Now, I understand that a wide variety of tasks fall under the title of receptionist but as far as I'm concerned toilet cleaner is not one of them.

I will clean up anything that results from a bodily function as far as a pet is concerned but when it comes to human fecal matter it's a whole different ball game. :barf: :angry: :yuck:

Thank you.
when i was a receptionist for a real estate company, i had to tidy up when we closed.

things like...make sure there was TP and soap.

nothing like actually CLEANING it.

eugh..that's just gross.

Yes, it is the same place that was/is taping me. I just really, really like my job as a receptionist there. I really like all the doctors and I learn so much!

I'm just not gonna do it. That's all there is to it!:tongue:
Do the techs do the rest of the cleaning for the hospital, or do you guys have a cleaning service? Seems like it's something a cleaning service should do..... but if the techs do the rest of the place, well, somebody's gotta do it I guess, maybe you guys can keep track of who did it when, to keep it fair?
Yeah, if it absolutely HAS to be, like bls said, maybe keep a roster so you dont have to do it all.
Is there no other animal hospital you could find work at? Probably a bit drastic, but cleaning dunnies is not what you're paid to do!
where i work they make us clean the bathrooms too...mind you nothing like cleaning the toilet, or the floor or really gross stuff, the cleaning crew does that, but they only come on certain days of the week. If I'm in there, and notice a bunch of paper on the floor or there's no TP or taking out the trash, I wouldn't have a problem with that. But the other part you shouldn't have to do. :yuck:
Unfortunately we don't have a house-cleaning service. The kennel staff used to clean most of the hospital but I guess they got sick of it. Can't say that I blame them.

The techs on the other hand don't have to clean a damn thing. An ACA cleans up after surgery, an ACA cleans up the treatment room and reception cleans up the exam rooms. It seems they just walk around a talk about how bored they are. Very annoying.

I'm sorry if I'm bitching so much about this. I'm just tired of the favoritism which I know I'll find anywhere I work. Like I said, it's just a rant.

I think I'll go to bed now. I have a 12 hour day tomorrow at the hospital and I just got back a few hours ago from the whole Cleveland experience.

Thanks for the pep talk guys!:)
Well...I'm a shop assistant over summer and we just take it in turns to do stuff like cleaning the bathroom/office/rest of the store. But if it's not something that's meant to be part of your job, or they're expecting you to do something really icky, then I think you're totally right to complain about it.
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