ISO: Non-torrented Vertigo recordings

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May 21, 2004
Wondering if anyone can help me out with these. I'm looking for Glendale 1, Denver 1&2, Chicago 3, Philly 1. Also if anyone has Edgar's Glendale 2 or San Diego 1 and would/could trade them that would be fantastic. I don't have a url of my list but I've got well over 600 shows to trade, including complete Elevation and (almost) complete JT tours. Also willing to trade dvd for audio if you're looking for that.

Of course it goes without saying...if these shows are not to be torrented I agree not to torrent them :)

Email me & I'll send my lists over.
OK, updating. Have filled a couple of holes, now looking for 2005-04-21 Denver and 2005-05-10 Chicago.
I can & will torrent the Philly 2 when it arrives. The others are no, at least for now.
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