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War Child
Aug 25, 2000
All seems quiet on the boards with regards to the Nuclear War about to kick off over Kashmir. Am I being a little pessimistic or should I not be really concerned about all this as it's 'a long way away'. Do they have warheads? Do they realise what they are doing? Will it bring about a wider Nuclear exchange? What about China? Will they just engage in small incursions and retaliations? Why do I feel sick watching the news sitting in Manchester in the UK? Who's gonna bomb me... Ho hum.

Lately I'm sure, words won't implore you to stay
we have all learned it takes one, maybe two nuclear bombs to end a war.

I fear in this conflict it will take one to start it and the same one to end it...
It took two last time because Japan didn't have nuclear bombs.

This time, both sides have plenty to destroy each other's countries.

It's estimated that Pakistan could maybe withstand a conventional war (and India's ginormous army) for about 72 hours, after that, Pakistan will start losing ground, and most military analysts believe Pakistan would then use its nuclear bombs...that is, if India already hasn't tried pre-emptive nuclear strikes.

It's all very bad.

Pakistan should shut the fuck up and back out of Pakistan-controlled Kashmir altogether...maybe let that part of Kashmir declare itself independent...lead by example and put political pressure on India to follow suit.

But, that's just me...(btw, i'm from Pakistan).
Pakistan will not use nuclear weapons because India would respond in kind there by negating any advantage gained by Pakistan in a nuclear first strike. Far better to negotiate if one begins to lose, then to commit suicide. The only thing Pakistans nuclear weapons really do is deter India from using its nuclear weapons. War might be possible, but I seriously doubt nuclear war is, since it would not give either side an advantage and depending on the type of "BURST" could produce fall out that would spread in an unpredictable manner due to the weather in both countries.
i just don't like the whole damn thing. there's only one atmosphere.

Anticipation is a liar.
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