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nbcrusader said:
If it is an obvious lie, the silence is deafening.

Silence about lies has been deafening on numerous issues. The ones that barely see the light of the international press, for example.
Is there an obvious link between Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein? Didn't you see their handshaking in 1980s?
Just reading through this thread, I am actually awestruck at the enormous amount Ignorance just Fuming out of my computer screen... And it begins with this 'Hailed' Post of enlightenment from Deep. Geez.. I don't even know where to begin... There is a new link of Iraq and Al Queda.. With the Salman Pak terrorist training facility outside of Baghdad. Look it up if you don't believe me... though you may have to check the spelling.. a worthwhile endeavor if it saves you from any more crow.

And it seems that the International community majorly fucked themselves right in the ass and played this to the situation that we are facing right now. If you really want to know what would have gotten Saddam the hell out, France, Germany, China, and Russia all would have backed a united front to put an enormous amount of pressure on Saddam where there was absolutely no escape for this murderer that he would have had no choice but to leave, come clean, to ease his fear of being wiped off of this planet. By France's obstinate and unilateral opposition to this conflict, and the 6 million protestors worldwide (Which is like the City of Chicago protesting this thing... Just the city of Chicago.. in the Whole planet... nice bit of perspective), Saddam thought he had a chance to survive this thing.. and I guarantee you.. He actually thought, and still may think he can win this thing.. Even at this moment, He does not think that the US will attack without a (READ) Second and bolstering Resolution from the UN. So.. Through France's opposition of this war (For A whole host of reasons which have been documented), they actually had the great hand in manifesting the exact thing which they opposed.

Well my dear Saddam.. What you did not count on was the resolve of a principled man who follows a moral compass and acts on what he thinks is Right.. Yes, the Leader of the Free World.. George Bush.

On another note...The economy and the market will be fine, There is nothing more pleasing to the liberals than to drag this 'uncertainty' out, all the while tanking the market each day.. I refer you to what the market did on confidence of a 'quick war'. We will see what unfolds though.

On even another note, The UN must look at what it is that it stands for, and its actual role in International affairs.. Its failures have been well documented, and its irrelevance seen.

On an even another note.. Colin Powell was the cause of this excruciating delay in the whole situation.. It was him who persuaded Bush to go to the UN and stick with it as sometimes he is a diplomat before a soldier, but even he was duped by France, and their ulterior motives and quickly fell in line with the morally right thing to do... leaving many liberals standing in the road with their pants around their ankles... To my Guinness drinking delight.

Geezus.. Forgive the wayward nature, I just haven't got the time to straighten out the web of shit that inhabits many of the thoughts of this thread.. and hell.. even this board, I'm just thankful that it's not representative of American Opinion.. Or BRITISH opinion for that matter.. Nice to see the Brit population is coming around.

Which reminds me.. My dear Britons, You should feel proud for the great leader and great man you have as your prime minister.. a principled, classy, morally sound and morally guided extraordinary individual. When this is all said and done, when history books are written.. dare I place GW and Blair amongst the greatest leaders of all time?.. Perhaps.. but we will see.

Mr. Pink

SF.. How far have you got ND going in their brackets?.. I got them at least to the Sweet 16 pulling the upset on Illinois..
Everyone is ignorant to some degree, as no one knows all.

There are 2 sides to every story, every issue, and solutions to every problem.

6 million protestors are easy to discount when they're array of views supporting their ultimate position are offhandedly dismissed.

The world is not as black and white as it seems. Corruption, greed, and evil have infiltrated this world at all levels.

Some things are carefully orchestrated. The Hegelian Dialectic has worked in the past, and will work again in the future.

Many would reasonably argue making the U.N. irrelevant is a blessing in disguise.

A web of shit has been woven in the minds of people for a long time by many different people and organisations. Not one web is exactly the same, and all are even more to untangle.

The economy is in grave danger with or without the Iraqi situation. Many of the fundamental issues regarding the U.S. and world economy, its history, its current state, and the factors guiding its future have nothing to do with war. Yet, economic factors are also a big reason for this war, as is globalisation and a push for a Pax Americana.

Everybody either chooses to believe or disbelieve the information they see. Some reason, some feel, some do both. Some have experienced, and some have only conceptualized, while others may not even know it yet. Some seek information out, and some have it come to them. Some information is disinformation, and some of it is not. It is all part of "The Web of Shit" that is in each person's minds. The untangling of this web is perhaps one of the toughest and most important challenges we will never fully complete. Without knowing All, each reasoned thought is perfectly imperfect, and every analysis you, I, or any other makes is born of our own individual web.

And, finally, a wo/man should feel from their own hearts, and not from one who would feel for them.
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Lemonite said:
That's the most intelligent surrender I've ever heard Elfyx.

Go Irish,

Mr. Pink

ND In the Upset over Illinois.

We see the world in very different ways, lemonite. Our 'webs' are woven in a different weave.

I'm sorry you had the need to affirm to us all that my post was a surrender. However, such intellectual terrorism won't entrap me. It was but a statement of that which Is, nothing more, and nothing less.

While you nonchalantly continue to weave such trivial diversions as sports entertainment into such a serious topic, I think I'll instead continue to pray for peace and enlightenment; knowing all too well that hate begets hate, and- in the end- only grace and love can truly disolve fear and conquer evil.

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