I think I'll rip a page out of ABEL's book...

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oh my god i love this music

Grupo Niche - 22 ultimates 4 - 2002

1 una aventura
2 la gallintita de los huevos de oro
3 batalla de flores
4 gotas de lluvia
5 busca por dentro
6 cielo de tambores
7 lo bonito y lo feo
8 hagamos lo que diga el corazon
9 cali pachanguero
10 la negra no quiere
11 se me parte el corazon
12 duele mas
13 solo un carino
14 la magia de tus besos
15 verdades que saben
16 nuestro sueno
17 cali aji
18 tiempos de ayer
19 se parecio tanto a ti
20 solo tu sabes
21 cimarron
22 busco
I actually only have a few salsa songs on my comp.. some celia and some from the dance with me soundtrack.
i think i'll download some celia. that'll fix my boredom!
it even has its own folder

Right now I really like "Fiesta palos rumeros - albita" from the Dance with me soundtrack :drool:

And Tito Puente - Mambo Kings :heart:

Hey maybe you can upload some to me if you're really bored.
sure i can do that! not sure if i can do all of my songs but i'll do a few songs tonight then some more tomorrow. i think im addicted to salsa:yes:
Are you using a browser or ftp program?

If its a browser, have two browsers open.. one of my ftp and one of your mp3s, and drag the files from your comp to the upload folder. (open the folder first... )
I must go now...I'm already running late...I need to go to the bank and post office, then I'm meeting my parents later and we're going shopping and to see some more movies


see ya later
i just uploaded a few more songs for you too! glad you like them!

yay i know how to upload! :laugh:
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