I Finally Went out and bought some u2 Cd's

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The Fly
Jan 6, 2005
Having missed out on getting tickets for the upcoming u2 tour I decided to go to my nearest HMV and take out my frustration by buying some U2 cd's. First choice was obviously achtung baby as everyone raves about it so much. I think the first eight songs are perfection, all brilliant in their own unique way. I'm not a big fan of the next two but i love Acrobat and Love is Blindness.
The next CD i decided on was zooropa as i figured this was the album after achtung baby and i wanted to compare. I have to be honest and say i prefer this album. I love daddy is gunna pay for your fast car, and i know track for track this album is not as good as achtung baby but for some reason i prefer it. Maybe its because i expected such big things from achtung baby and although it delivered it was not a surprise while zooropa is genius and that did take me by surprise.
The third album was Rattle and Hum, which i am not a big fan of. I do not think it is put together that well and i do not really see the point of doing covers of your own songs.
Finally i bought Unforgettable fire which i do like alot. I prefer war to this album but i like UF, Bad, Pride and A Sort Of Homecoming and i think these songs will go head to head with any of U2's songs and put up a good fight (Possibly with the exception of WTSHNN).

My question is which U2 album would you recommend me to buy next. The Contenders are:
What do you want to hear?

Electronica/Experimental - Pop
Top 40/Radio Friendly - ATYCLB
Early garage rock - Boy
Darker/more introspective - October
What happened to the Joshua Tree? Do you already own that one?

If so, probably ATYCLB, The overall quality may not be up to Achtung standards but there are certain songs that are fantastic, aside from the obvious 2. Kite, In A Little While and Walk On are all superb songs although. The second half weakens a bit but I'd rather have 6 excellent songs and 6 naff ones than 12 good ones. On Pop, I'd say the only highlights are Staring At The Sun and Last Night On Earth until you hear the rest of the album live. Discotheque is also a good song of course but this version is not as good as the 1990-2000 mix, in my humble opinion, as is Gone.
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When you will hear it first time you will hate it and think that this is U2's worst album, but after many listens you may love it and it can become one of your favourite albums.

(just like it happend in my case ^^)
1. All That You Can't Leave Behind
2. October
3. Boy
4. Passengers - Original Soundtracks I
5. Pop
Yeah Buy Pop first!

Pop is a brilliant record, where the band is taking the psychodelic funk of The Fly and Mysterious ways to new extremes

Then buy ATYCLB
You will see what we saw, what we went through some years back, U2 going from the furthest place in experimentalism to the very heartflelt-pop soul from ATYCLB
And i love it, i think it was a majestic move by declaring the end and closing of the extraordinary AB-Zooropa-Pop trilogy

We are now in the middle of another one
Hopefully we'll have a record to close this one before the "Best of 2000-2010" is out

Finally after ATYCLB, check out Boy And October, they're great records!
It always makes sense to digest U2's studio output in chronologically clustered trios.

Boy-October-War ("Dubliners")
Unforgettable Fire-Joshua Tree-Rattle & Hum ("Into the Arms of America")
Achtung Baby-Zooropa-Pop ("Joyce's Ulysses for the 21st Century")
ATYCLB-HTDAAB ("From Boy to Man")

It's funny how little Under a Blood Red Sky is mentioned. In *my* day (affecting crusty old man voice) it, and the Red Rocks video, got tons of people interested in the band, and got more spins in my social circles than any of the first three albums.
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