Hologram of Yourself (Welcome to 2035)

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Jan 11, 2004
The year is 2035
Yeah, it’s an interesting time to be alive
I am on the highway
The Uber self-driving car got in my lane
I almost got badly hurt
I am taking this to court
Filing lawsuit
The law said it was my fault
Even though, the car went into my lane
But what they won’t tell you is,
It was 5% system failure fluke

When you are born
They implant a chip on you
They say it helps to keep birth records and eventually keep revenue

There are robots, machines and drones everywhere
They used to create a great big scare
Now they are the norm
They help us weather life’s storm
They even become friends with the dogs and other animals

2035 is a strange matrix
A strange climate we have created
But it’s nothing compared to this…

Having a hologram of yourself
If you can’t get a hold of me, don’t worry
There are plenty of me to go around
They look just like me
But they have no soul
They talk just like me
And feel emotions with tears
But if you look close enough
They have a chip in their ear

What do we tell our children?
The world used to not always be this way?
Our brains are shrinking
As we let computers do our thinking
Yes, we evolve, as a species grow taller
But ourhearts grow smaller

Yes, the say the world is continuing to get worse
Another person filed for bankruptcy or divorce
But then, at the same time, it’s getting much better
The darkness is being exposed
And the incredible love that does exist keeps on our toes
God’s light burns up our deceitful and harmful ways
Because He is the Ancient of Days
Welcome to 2035

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