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Sep 4, 2011
Faraway, So Close
I have a couple of Barnes and Noble gift cards from the holidays, thinking I'll buy myself something fun and U2-ish. I don't know what, though. Considering the Flanigan book, U2 At the End of the World. Not sure what else is worth it.

I have: U2 by U2 and Killing Bono for books, DVDs (Rattle and Hum, ZooTV Sydney, Popmart Mexico City, U2 Go Home, 360 Rose Bowl) and the AB Super Deluxe. And of course all of the CDs.

Would prefer maybe another book- any excellent photography books? Or any DVDs that I need to have? I realize I'm missing Red Rocks, but I'm not sure if I'm crazy about mid-80s live videos. Ideas?
I got my friend the DVD of Under a Blood Red Sky just because she looked after me after my surgery recently (as well as the AB Super Deluxe), and it's actually pretty good. I at first had reservations about it, but it's surprisingly well done since it was done in 83.
If you don't have Chicago/ Vertigo DVD- definitely add that to your list!!!

B&N retail prices can be high. I shop there all the time in the "bargain" rows and rows of mark-downs. Pretty coffee table books for less or novel series you can start to see if you like before investing too much, that kind of thing.

Assuming you're in the US? ebay's Textbooks , Books , Music , Movies , Games , Video Games is the way to go to find books at cheap prices and you get all the choices available- from brand new to poor condition pulled up for each book, so you can choose your own price point, basically!

Word of advice- Anton's book U2 & I comes in paperback and two hardback sizes- got my large HB version at for a fraction. Must get.

I have a slightly used (I have 2 copies) of "U2: An Illustrated biography" by Martin Andersen I would like to sell, if you're interested. ;)
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