Golden Globes 2014 pics and chatter

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Bono seemed to have enough of being kissed after that "incident". When Diddy wanted to congratulate him on stage, Bono firmly turned his face away. Maybe Diddy hadn't brushed his teeth :huh:

If you saw the award before U2's that Diddy presented, Diddy interrupted the guy and tried to horn in on his moment...I think Bono was not happy with that, hence the snub. But they were palling around at an afterparty so your guess is as good as mine I suppose
The whole table would be a priceless gif. I didn't see, were the other wives there?

Ha, it would. I didn't see anyone else. I think someone mentioned there was a woman with Adam, but I honestly didn't see anyone but Ali.

The Independent article says that Ali was sitting on the other side of the table and laughed during the whole joke. Amy's boyfriend jokingly advised Bono to watch his back

Actually Ali does seem to be there if I'm not mistaking. You see her smiling/laughing as Amy walks away to collect her award. It's very fast as you watch the camera follow Amy to the stage. (I think you catch the top of Adam's hair as well).

My thought: Was this staged?
Yes, it was staged. Slipping the tongue to somebody you're not in a relationship with, without consent, is more like sexual assault than it is a good joke. I think we can bet a smart girl like Amy did her homework.
If anything, I could guesstimate that the initial quick little smooch was spontaneous, and then when she went back and all you saw was the back of her head, it was probably just the good-ol' old-school fake make-out play. :lol:

Who knows - maybe she even said "Hey, if I win I'm going to pretend to mack on you - is that cool?"
I think the woman who was sitting next to Adam for a while is Guy Oseary's wife. Adam did not have anyone with him. I think Guy's wife just had a baby recently.

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Morleigh was there, too, I saw a Red Carpet interview with Edge and Morleigh was with him. I can't seem to find the video now, though, someone posted a link on twitter.
Morleigh was there, too, I saw a Red Carpet interview with Edge and Morleigh was with him. I can't seem to find the video now, though, someone posted a link on twitter.

are you sure it's not from a few years ago? i saw a couple ppl on tumblr reposting one from four years ago...morleigh is in a black v neck dress?
Hmm, might be, I can't find it now. I was wondering about that, too, because I didn't see Morleigh in any other video from the event, but then again, they live in California, so it seems to make sense that she is there, too.
Maybe she just wanted to stay home in sweatpants, watch on TV and make snarky comments about everyone's dresses. Bliss. :up:
The video posted on tumblr is from 2010. The person who owns that blog is notorious for posting old, outdated and unverified nonsense.

I never saw Morleigh, but I think I saw Anne. Anybody else see her?

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I'm drooling over this pic (especially the part on the right!!) from hours! :drool:


The impression I get from this short piece is that the band really doesn't feel comfortable talking about the album, as if they don't want to give anything away. I don't really buy the "we're getting back to it now" part because they spent time on Ordinary Love in summer 2013 and there has been enough time to "get back" to the album since it's been finished and the song and movie have been released. Edge and Bono said late last year that the "album delay" was caused by spending time on Ordinary Love for the movie but that they are working on the album to finalize it. I do not for one second believe that they haven't been working on the album since fall, we've had reports of overnight studio sessions in New York and studio sessions in Dublin. To me it seems they don't want to give any concrete information about the album. Edge is hinting on something big and amazing to come, it's all very mysterious, so I say that we're in for an album release rather sooner than later.

Apart from that, come on guys, it's been five years. Who the hell needs five years to make on freaking album?!
Who is the little guy beside Bono? And why the fuck doesn't Edge get a hug?

Also, looks like no guest for Edge there, right? and maybe none for Larry, or is that the top of Ann's head?

Would someone mind linking that video here? There has been so much over the last couple of days, but of their whole award I could only find a video that someone has taped with their phone of the TV!
There's a lot of fluff going on about a June release over in EYKIW thanks to that crappy Friedman article I linked in the news thread here. If you read it multiple times, none of the actual Bono quotes say anything specific regarding a month/release date.

With all the appearances and the secrecy? My bet is sooner rather than later. The delay was in the fall...they did OL instead of finishing the album. Remember we all thought we would have a fall cd? Instead we got the song and the Mandela news. They probably finished things in Nov/Dec and then spent the holidays with their families.
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