Global Pandemic Part V: Enjoy a Corona while flying Delta

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And would be better if applied to transportation but this is good start.

Biden hasn’t been afraid to make tough decisions.

Up until we hit the anti vax wall, the turnaround from Trump to him for vaccines has been incredible.

Then the decision to get us out of Afghanistan, and while there were some faults, overall i view it as a success to get as many out as quickly as they did. Horrible that we lost lives near the end.

And now the Qarens will be coming out in full force, as will every GQP State Governor and Congressperson stating how this is authoritarian / my freedom!!
I liked how he made a point of mentioning that Fox News requires their employees to be vaccinated during his speech today.

Anywho, yeah, lots of worthwhile measures being put in place here. And I appreciate that he didn't hold back on calling out the unvaccinated for their role in creating the mess we're in. "Our patience is wearing thin." Damn straight. Hell, some of us lost it altogether quite some time ago. If the anti-vaccine crowd doesn't like these measures, well, tough shit. It's well past time to stop coddling them.
Maybe people making a personal decision about a vaccine based on an anecdote from Nicki Minaj are a lost cause regardless. Twitter, Facebook, celebrities are the new medical experts. It's sad.
i'm going to throw up in my mouth a second here - but here goes... twitter not slapping a label about disinformation on that Nicki Minaj tweet plays right into the bullshit thought that "big tech" only punish conservatives and not liberals.

twitter needs to not give these assholes more ammo and slap a disinformation label on her tweet. she has a huge platform. as huge as her cousin's balls, apparently.
Twitter just looks like a bunch of complete hypocrites for that.

Are they afraid of Nicki Minaj? People like her make too much money for Twitter and they are afraid because of that? She is posting disinformation and should be treated like everyone else who does.
Yeah, they should absolutely flag her post.
Doesn't matter who posts disinformation like that, it should get the appropriate disinformation label.
Now Tucker Carlson is holding Nicki Minaj up as some sort of hero. In the past I am sure he would say that her music and persona are of the devil and that celebrities are stupid elites. You just can't make this crap up.

Btw what are the odds that Schmucker is vaccinated? I bet he is.
I got the vaccine as soon as I could in February.

I got the moderna vaccine, I believe it is the best one and recommend it.

I am going to a live inside show Saturday, proof of vax is required or neg test within 48 hrs.
I avoid places with unvaxed groups of people.

I’m just a lowly seventeenth-century British sailor, not some fancy-pants seventeenth-century British sawbones, but there’s one thing I know for sure: I would rather walk the plank than suck on a single stinking lime. In fact, I will be giving a wide berth to any and all citrus fruits the Captain brings aboard during this long and arduous voyage, because scurvy is a hoax, and I don’t trust foreign fruit.

You know what I do trust? My own body to protect me. I’m young and fit, and my childhood rickets has almost entirely cleared up. And as far as I can tell, nothing bad has ever happened to a young and fit sailor with just a touch of rickets who heads recklessly off to fight pirates and ghost ships for months on end with nothing for nourishment except barrels of stale, rat-infested biscuits.

So, no, I’m not “afraid” of scurvy. What’s the worst that could happen? My teeth will fall out? My bowels will bleed? I’ll die at sea, and my body will be cast into the murky depths by my equally moribund shipmates, who won’t even have the energy to say a blessing as octopuses and sea monsters feast upon my corpse? That doesn’t sound any worse than a little seasickness, and it definitely sounds better than occasionally sucking on a lime.

Yes, I know there are a thousand stories from old salts who say, “Oh, scurvy is so bad! Believe me, young man, you don’t want scurvy! Oh, the rats swarmed out of the biscuit barrels and dragged off my mate’s body before we could cast it into the sea!” To that, I say: Whatever. Sailing to the edge of the flat earth must have muddled your mind, old man. I’m sure I’ll be fine.

And while I may be fine, what I am not fine with is the Capitan’s new mandate that we must all take this so-called citrus cure. He claims that it’s necessary in order to hang onto our already extremely low chance of surviving this harrowing journey through uncharted waters. He says we must do it for our fellow seaman who truly are our brothers. He says we must do it for the common good. He says it is our noble duty. And to that, I say: Screw. Everybody. I’m in it for me and me only.

Listen, if you want to hide below deck licking limes and then later come above deck to enjoy the sunshine and your lack of jaundice and intact teeth and gums that aren’t leaking putrid black blood, then be my guest. But not even the Captain has the right to make me eat a nutritious and lifesaving fruit if I don’t want to.

But there’s more to this story, my friend, and if you are ready, I will open your eyes to the writing on the wall (literally—I read this on the wall of the ship’s head while I was taking a piss this morning, that’s where I get all my medical information). Consider this. Why would the powers that be insist that the only cure for this supposed dreadful disease is to eat these unknown, untested, and totally experimental fruits? We know that limes, lemons, and even oranges are filled with acid, and is acid not caustic? Is acid not, in fact, deadly when it becomes too strong? Could it be that the acid of these devil fruits is the true cause of scurvy? Does “scurvy” even exist? Or is it all just an elaborate hoax designed to take away our God-given right to needlessly suffer a totally preventable malady?

You see it now, don’t you? Scurvy is nothing more than a made-up, foreign-fruit-induced plague, and I, for one, will not be silent! I will not be a sheep, er, I mean, I will not be a fish! I am a man! A very, very painfully misguided man, and I swear to you that the juice of a lime will never pass my lips—at least until the internal bleeding starts, and then I’m sure I will go along with whatever old sawbones says. And I definitely want access to that new experimental leech treatment.
Incredibly sad-29 years old

'Misinformation killed her': Bride-to-be who hesitated to get vaccinated dies of Covid

Exclusive: Samantha Wendell was worried the vaccine would affect her fertility. Instead of attending her wedding, her family is now planning her funeral.
People trusting Facebook more than their own doctor.

FB could end this all right now and ban those spreading these lies and bullshit. But they know it drives their revenue to have these groups and misinformation spread.

There was even a report both internal at FB, and a journalist research about how IG is causing a small percentage of teenage girls to suicide or self harm due to the nature of the platform.

All of this parallels with the Big Tobacco shit from decades ago. They knew their product was harming and killing the customer, but did nothing to stop it until people had enough.
Incredibly sad-29 years old

'Misinformation killed her': Bride-to-be who hesitated to get vaccinated dies of Covid

Exclusive: Samantha Wendell was worried the vaccine would affect her fertility. Instead of attending her wedding, her family is now planning her funeral.

I read that story last night. So sad. And she worked in the medical field as well. You'd think she would have known who to get her info from.
Such a shame and waste of a life just getting going.

Social media is definitely a problem.
Just saw a job listing on Indeed that has this to say about covid. They don't give a crud! It seems like some sort of telemarketing sales job, if it's even a legit listing. There are multiple typos in addition to "there's are all leaving". Like the typos you see at anti vax and pro Trump rallies.

Enough of this mandate nonsense. We don't give a crud if you've been vaccinated and we don't allow anyone to wear masks in the office.

COVID-19 considerations:

No. Covid-19 is over in our office. If you're that scared still go apply at a hospital, they need employees since there's are all leaving because of forced vaccination.
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