Foreign languages you speak/learnt?

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My mother tongue is Spanish, I speak English fluently, German (not as well as English), some French and Hebrew, although I'm forgetting Hebrew very quickly as I don't find any occasion to use it. I can understand Portuguese and Italian, as they are very close to Spanish and I usually manage to make myself understood in these countries.
Native language is Indonesian. I've lived in the US for 15 years now, so pretty good in English as well. I learned Spanish, but I've forgotten almost all of the rules now even though I still remember many words.

And I'm learning French now too. Anyone knows a good way to learn this language? I joined Alliance Francaise a couple of years back and took their beginners classes. But they don't offer the "advanced" beginner classes on the weekends, so I stopped going after 104...
I've been learning English and German for most of my life - eleven years this year :). But I hate German! I can write in Tolkien's languages - Mordor, Hobbiton, Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins and Elvish :). I've also been learning how to write in Hebrew. And I'd like to learn Italian. I mean, speaking ;d. I know some words in Spanish, Russian, Latin and so on :D.
My mother tongue is Dutch, I understand and speak English and French, I understand bits of German and I learned Latin and ancient Greek in school. I want to learn Spanish someday, but that'll have to wait until after my study. :)
My mother tongue is Tetum, which I don't speak too well.
I can speak Assamese quite well but can't read or write it.
Learned Hindi during my stay in India.
Tried learning Sanskrit at school but I sucked at it.
Chinese, French and German

i have an idea what they are talking about in the latin languages (spanish, italian, portuguese) and also the germanic languages as a result of learning french and german (german is related to swedish, norweigan, denmark, dutch etc)

i am fascinated to learn a slavic language, probably russian because its the biggest, not sure what relation it has with languages such as serb, macedon, croat, polska, slovenian, slovak, czech etc?

i am completely clueless in the ugraics: hungarian, latvian etc, arabic, central asian languages (turkic, kazakh etc)

apparently spanish is a cakewalk (more logical than english and just as playful). you only need to learn that for a couple of weeks and you almost become fluent.:love:
i am fascinated to learn a slavic language, probably russian because its the biggest, not sure what relation it has with languages such as serb, macedon, croat, polska, slovenian, slovak, czech etc?

You mean Polish, right? As a native Polish speaker I can tell you that knowing Russian would probaly help you understand some spoken Polish - but these two have completely different alphabets (Polish has the Latin alphabet, so in this aspect it's easier to learn for these who speak for instance English or German). But I warn you, Polish is one of the most difficult languages (German has 4 cases, Polish 7 etc.), Russian is easier and more useful.

I speak English as my second language, I've been studying it for 13 years, (I'm 19 now).
I've been studying German for 6 years, but having such negative feelings towards this language didn't help me learn it - I know it only a bit.
I used to study Russian for three years in primary school, I could read and write using its alphabet, but I've forgotten almost everything. Now I can only understand some spoken Russian.
I wanted to start learning a new foreign language, so at first I chose Norwegian and then French, however, in both cases it ended up in failure, because I quickly lost heart - I learnt only a few sentences in both languages.
Now I decided to learn Spanish and I'm pretty determined to do so.
I speak Gaeilge, English, German and French. I know a little Spanish and very basic Russian. I would love to learn Norwegian and Russian J
my native language is english, but i'm studying german currently so that's only improving.

i can at least read some basic old english and middle english (don't ask me to write any though and as time passes i'll forget it, i was just studying it this semester so i'll forget it easily), and very very basic spanish and dutch i can read, but again i can't speak it.
I speak Dutch as it is my native language.

My English is quite fluent. Not per se' in writing, but speaking is not a problem.

My German and Spanish are getting better slowly, but its far from fluent.
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