Final Reflections - U2 360° Tour

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Final reflections on this tour are pretty much the same as first reflections for me...

I would have loved to hear a song from Pop (Gone, Staring At The Sun) but I guess it's not the time. Or maybe they really hate the album that much.

U2 shouldn't have stopped playing certain songs from NLOTH. The title track, for example. I would have loved to hear that live. But in terms of what would I prefer more- a NLOTH promotion tour or a Zoo TV comeback tour- I'd take the show that I ended up seeing.

I only saw one concert and it was my first. The opening four Achtung Baby songs were amazing, ESPECIALLY The Fly and EBTTRT. Oh god. My other favorites that night were Zooropa (I let out the biggest scream ever!) and Stay (stunningly, stunningly gorgeous :heart: ). I guess my favorite moment was singing Pride with everyone else in the stadium. And the best thing about the show? I WAS IN THE SAME ENCLOSED AREA AS BONO. :ohmy:

So happy that I got to go to one show when I hadn't thought that would ever happen. If there's another tour I'm definitely trying GA.

Lastly, thanks to U2 for playing One Tree Hill four times on this tour, twice outside of NZ, and once in America. It gives me hope for the song.
Still totally envious that you saw The Fly. I was watching some youtube of EBTTRT and unexpectedly heard The Fly afterwards, though, so I guess that was close enough to the awesomeness.


This. It's so exciting to be in the same (huge) room as the band! :hyper:

You haven't done GA yet? For shame. Next time you should!
GA sounds fun but exhausting. We did seats becuase my mom bought the tickets... and it took a long time for me to ask if I could go, too.
I had to sit down for a couple hours on the metal floor...only possible because so many people came late to Oakland because of traffic...but GA is totally worth it! I was ~20ft from the boys. :heart:

I basically just guilt tripped my dad into getting me tickets...I have no idea how I'll be able to afford them on my own though :/ I doubt my family will get me any :lol:
6 GA shows for me. Highlights -

They look really happy on stage, esp Adam.
Bono's voice.
Best sound quality ever, esp towards the back of GA near the rail.
Songs: Elevation - HUGE. The ending is like an earthquake. Crazy Tonight - Incredible. Ultraviolet - Drool.
Seeing Bad multiple times.
Love Rescue Me and All I Want Is You in Sydney.
I love that chart! :nerd:

I saw one show this tour, and it was awesome. I'm jealous of people who got multiple shows, but I know that a lot of people didn't get any, so I'm very appreciative. I'm happy to have been able to experience a small bit of this tour in person.

This was also the first time my husband saw U2, and the concert was the weekend after our wedding, so we just killed two birds with one stone and called it our honeymoon.


Okay, I called it our honeymoon. I just like being able to say that our honeymoon was spent with Bono. :wink:
what a tour- 11 shows in 5 countries over 2 summers. I have never done anything like this before for any tour

I enjoyed every minute of it- I never came out of any of those shows feeling shortchanged

highlights- opening show at Barcelona, Dublin 2, London 2, Brussels 2 and Rome- and of course The Claw

in terms of songs TUF, MLK, the NLOTH songs and falling in love with Bad (yes it took me 25 years to get that song!). and CT- jumping about like a mad man for 5 minutes

I played NLOTH the other day and it bought it all back again- still really like that album

I hope that I'm able to do something like this again for the next tour
My own thing for the three shows I've seen:

- Finally seeing UTEOTW live (twice, haha) after my first two shows didn't have it.
- Seeing two of my own Top 5/Top 10 band tracks live - Ultraviolet and One Tree Hill - when I never thought they would play those at a show I would be at ever.
- Seeing the band front rail all three times, sometimes from ten feet away. Killing one bucket list item and getting smirks from Edge, Bono, and Adam most of those times in the process (hey, I need my day in the sun too, haha).
- The Minneapolis show in the rain... 'nough said.
- And of course, the many cool people I met in the GA line and the Interference gatherings. :wave:
In the end my final reflections are the same as three years ago when this all started.

I only got to see one show on this tour, but that was all I needed. For me, 50% of the experience is seeing the band play the tunes, the other 50% is seeing the genius that is the U2 production crew (stage, lights, structure, sound, etc.)

The fact they were able to tour not one, but three steel sets, and a screen as complicated as Hoberman's - it just goes to show to what lengths that team will go to entertain the world. Nothing has been done close to this in terms of engineering, and if the economy stays the same for a while, it might be a while until we see something else like it if ever again.

The fact that there was not one cancellation due to the technology, as well as zero major injuries or deaths is astonishing. The sheer tonnage of steel, its complicated connection and hoisting system, and total number of cranes and operators needed was incredible. The safety that was designed into the set also shows what true professionals that team is.

I am convinced there are hundreds of crew members finally catching their breath after the past two years of set up and tear down, but I for one will miss seeing that glorious structure moved from building to building around the world.

Shame it is over - really was an incredible feat.
This whole NLOTH era was pretty darn fun.

From trying to make out the beach clips, to the little 15 second preview samples we all discussed in length as if they were full songs, to that one website that sold the album early and everyone downloading it shortly after. The revelation of the claw and screen. Pre-sale angst. Long waits until it was your show day. Everything was just amazing.

So sad it's all over.
I did Oakland and Toronto, both in 2011.

Oakland GA was a chaotic mess. Got there at 6 am and the chaos started almost immediately. That sort of GA leaves you in kind of a weird mood for a show, almost brings you down... Oakland was not a favorite show of mine. My spot was about as great as you can ask for, almost directly in front of Bono. But the audience was lackluster and Bono and the band could feel it and so could I. I've learned from my 2 U2 shows that the audience really does affect a U2 show.

Toronto was absolutely thee best show I've ever done ever ever ever. Got there at 4 am and the friendliness and fun and relaxed mood at that GA was just phenomenal. I love everyone I met in the GA line and I felt so welcome coming from California. I didn't have as good a spot as Toronto but MAN, what a difference a good audience makes. What a crowd. I remember constantly looking at the pit in front of Bono and having them look back at me and singing along. And a crew member had been eyeing me from the beginning of the show and at the end of the show came right over to me with a setlist. To get that kind of recognition from someone working with the band just made the experience over the top for me. It was truly a magical show.

HTDAAB is one of my least favorite U2 records, and I find City of Blinding Lights to be a generally overrated song... but man, if that isn't one of the best parts of both shows I went to. SO much fun to sing in a crowd. All the songs where the crowd could jump and be in unison and sing along... Elevation... EBTTRT... City of Blinding Lights... Vertigo. Great moments. Also, U2 playing I Will Follow. How great.

When the crowd continued to sing Scarlet back to Bono over and over again in Toronto. Magic.

And last but not least... the epic runs to get to the Inner Rail. I would feel sick to my stomach before I'd even get to the venues in the morning because I hated that run so much. So much at stake in that moment, and if you make one little mistake you can lose it all. I accidentally ran into the Outer Rail first in Toronto, and I know if I hadn't I'd have had a better spot.

Wish I'd heard... Electrical Storm, one of my all time favorite songs. In A Little While, frankly I'm bitter they stopped playing it regularly. More of No Line on the Horizon, I wish I'd done the first leg of the tour so I could have heard the big block of NLOTH. The Unforgettable Fire. Bullet the Blue Sky. More of ATYCLB.
But in Tampa, I got to see Adam Clayton, who is my favorite bass player and the inspiration for why I play bass. I got in line at 5 am and waited, and waited, until we got into the stadium and I got my spot right on the front rail in front of where he would be, and I know it is his side, but armed with the various signs I had with me that he saw, he played directly in front of me for most of the time he was on his side, and I felt like he was playing to me. He would acknowledge me a lot by smiling, winking, and nodding his head to me and it made me feel very happy, knowing that the person I looked up to saw me and knew I was there. It was a cool feeling. He even pointed and gave a thumbs up and a smile after MOS :p

I'm a bass player too.... and reading this made me :applaud:
Just three shows this tour (Soldier Field 9/12/09, Charlottesville 10/1/09, and Soldier Field 7/5/11), all with my sister Bink and a changing cast of characters including hubby, son, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and friend. Third-level seats both times at Soldier Field, but sixth row seats behind the stage in Charlottesville--Larry, Adam, Edge, and Bono walked out of the stadium about 15 feet from us! My first "Ultraviolet" and my first "One Tree Hill." So many wonderful memories--thanks, guys; let's do it again soon! :love:
Well, I had the best times of life traveling around the world to see my favorite band.

While it was the greatest experience of my life, I'm never going to do something this crazy ever again.;)
Five shows for me, Chicago and Tampa first leg, Chicago, New Jersey, and Moncton second leg. Highlights are numerous, here are the best:

-Kicking off NLOTH at a Private Meet and Greet in Chicago (Bono signed my sunglasses) got to meet the whole band.
-The complete and total awesomeness of The Claw (i'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on it).
-The complete and total awesomeness of the people I met and partied with along the way (Shout out to Edgefest, BonoGirl, and Rain).
-The Fly - LOVE that song!
-One Tree Hill in Chicago second leg (great video U2 Brother, wish I would have met you, maybe next time).
-Meeting Edge in New Jersey and having Bono sign a second pair of my sunglasses).
-The Red Zone.
-Moncton, Moncton, Moncton, can't say enough about how I completely fell in love with that little magical town.

I love this band and will miss the anticipation and friendships that came along with each show. It seems like such a long wait for the next one.:sad:

I went through all of my footage yesterday and made this video so I would never forget the magic: The Ultimate U2 360 Montage - YouTube

Peace and love fellow friends and fans :heart:
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