Edwards on Hardball

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I used to respect Matthews, but I quit watching him. A little to biased and in the closet about it for me. I much prefer the cable news guys who are open about their political beliefs..I don't like having to watch for hidden agendas. When I know agendas are there I know where not to step in the bullshit if you know what I mean.
It's interesting, I've had some people say they hate him because he's republican, and others say they hate him because he's a democrat. I think he's alot more tough on the conservatives, especially when he tore apart the people when the Swift Boat Vets were big. Whatever, I prefer CNN.
Matthews gives the kid gloves to "name" guests. If you're just joe schmo pundit or congressman, he'll do his hardball routine. Edwards at this point is a name guest. With that said, I like watching Hardball. I like the guests he has on and even though he is biased to a degree (aren't we all) he TRYS to be unbiased IMO. I like watching Hannity and Colmes too and their blatant partisanship, no prob. I love pundit shows...
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