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MacDonalds has reinstated their nefarious necrophile?... jolly good ronnie, now why don't you high colonic a farm animal.
notiti said:

I would also like to know where Ronnie was when Kennedy was shot.
I demand satisfaction.
There were reports of someone sporting a fire engine red afro skulking about the grassy knoll on that day.
And sometime later Jackie-O was seen indulging in a celebratory Big Mac with an unidenitified shipping tycoon who also sported a fire engine red afro.
Things that make you go Hmmm.
Uncle Ronnie does not do drugs. Drugs are bad and you should just 'say no'.

Also, any and all links between Uncle Ronnie and the global network known as Al Quaeda Big Macs Inc. will be hotly denied, at gunpoint if possible. Along with the heroin operations which Uncle Ronnie does not operate in Columbia, and the Russian child pornography which he would never have any hand in, cross my heart and hope to die.

Try the Crunchy McTiramusu or we'll rip your goddam arms off!!!
When people say 'audit' I reach for my gun. Just another reason why you should agree that what's good for Uncle Ronnie is good for Amerika (and its many friends). So crawl on down today and sup from the cup of goodness... have a balloon while you're at it. Fuck that, have two.
ah ive written down the lyrics to one of my favorite sing-a-longs:

the unhappy meal

well it was late one night and the roads were foggy
3am i was getting groggy and driving became more than i could take
well through the fog i saw a big yellow sign of mcdonalds rose up before my very eyes
so i decided to pull on in for a little break

well the door read: closed and i started to leave
but then around the corner came mayor mccheese with a strange feel big burger ahead
he led me in and locked the door behind me
and i started to feel a little uneasy when he yelled out: spiders got what caught in the web!

well on the counter of this crazy place sat ronald dressed all in black lace
and he offered me a very strange supersize
well i tried to leave but grimmace cut me off and said
hey how about some special sauce and what happened next is hard for me to describe

i went to see ronald mcdonald and i got mcfondled by ronald mcdonald
well, grimace made me grimace. it was not a happy meal when that dirty old clown copped a feel at mcdonald's - late one friday night.

well he poked my mcribs and goosed my mcbutt
then he reached for you-know-mcwhat
unlike their coffee i was getting mighty hot

so i pulled his hair and gauged his eye
and meet that sucker in his
and headed straight for that parking lot

well mccheese yelled: hey don't leave yet come have a bite of my sesame bun
but by this time i was back inside my car
i yelled: i like my food fast but we just met and if you want a piece of me that's what you'll get
and i floored it and knocked that burger down

well my therapist said this is just a dream and i'm sure it's how it all must seem
but you got to admit that its pretty strange
four middle aged men who dress like a clown
went drug into its puppets hanging around so thanks i'll keep my distance just the same

cause i went to see ronald mcdonald and i got mcfondled by ronald mcdonald
beware when you talk about the quarterly taste and make sure you tear your can of mace
or you might have an unhappy meal
yeah you might have an unhappy meal
I'm gonna give you a swift kick to the groin if you persist
it is rather amusing. who ever gave it one star should be forced to try ronald's special white sauce.
Screaming Flower said:
it is rather amusing. who ever gave it one star should be forced to try ronald's special white sauce.

ill make you a mcdeal.

if you do the (insert random swear word here) ronald, ill try ronnie's special white sauce.

what do you say?

basstrap, is that the same thing as kicking me in the jimmies?
basstrap, you are 22 years old, making you eligible for ronnie's empowered payment plan. if you decide to work at a local mcdicks, you will be payed at least 10 cents above minimum wage, with 5 days of holidays to be taken at 6 different times throughout the year.

getting older keeps getting better.
what are the rules on overtime in this plan?

time and a half?
Hey kids, get in the M seat, get in on the GROUND FLOOR - if you know what I mean (and I think you do, else I wouldn't have selected you as my next prospect). Join the Uncle Ronnie 500 Club today and double your earnings in the next twelve months!!!!!! This is NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME!!!! This is the real jive, boys and girls!!

You may ask yourself: am I just contributing further to the already obscene wealth of a fat plutocrat like Ronald McDonald? YES, you are!!! The good news is you are also doubling your chance to lose large amounts of your and your family and or friends money at the same time, while convincing yourself that large wads of cash and a permanent yacht space at the French Riviera await!!! What more could you ask for???? Soon you too will be able to lie about making $8 million a year!!!!

Do the fucking goddam Ronald today!!
Kieran McConville said:
Flaming Friar, you remind me of that creepy friend of my father's who took a shine to me when I was eight.

well, guess what...what do you know...

nah, i get mistaken a lot. i seem to have a very casual face. funny though, i dont consider myself to be avarage at all.
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