Does anyone watch Oprah or read anything by Gary Zukav?

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Jun 10, 2001
Just if you do this might mean something to you. I have just discovered my shadow belief. Does anyone remember how to tackle it once you know what it is because I heard about shadow beliefs last year, taped it and then taped over it and I can't remember how to try and get rid of a shadow belief. Can anyone help?
I like Oprah...And Uma! (Oprah-Uma...Uma-Oprah...Nevermind!
But anywayyyyy, Gary Zukov. "The Seat of the Soul".
I have it. Very insightful. Very fascinating. Makes a helluva lot of sense (even to this devout Catholic boy!)
I "took what I liked and left the rest" from his book.
Is this guy the definition of "Serenity", or what!??? He makes the Pope and the Dahli Lama look like they have ADS!! ...haha????
... What was the question????

Oh... Sorry, I dont know about the episode or the "shadow belief". (Is it in the book???)

Peace anyway UV
A shadow belief is an insecurity that lies deep down inside of you. It keeps causing problems in your life and preventing you from being truely happy with yourself. I remember some of the show. A woman kept getting into relationships with the wrong people and they would never work out and when he talked to her and got looked into her past the stem of the problem was that she was afraid to let herself recieve love. Once she found that out she found out she had to open herself up to allow others to love her.

My shadow belief is a fear of rejection. When I looked back at my life the other day when I had some quiet time I worked it out. I just don't know how to deal with it. It causes great problems. I try and hide my true self from people for fear they will not like me and abandon me. The only people I am my true self with and totally open with and am actually really happy when I don't hide things are the people I have met on the internet.

anyway that's explained my shadow belief as well as just what a shadow belief is. I'm not going deeper than that for you or you will want paying cos if I was at a shrink they would have charged a fortune to get that out of me and say "same time next week" Damn srinks that's why I would never go and see one
I only watch Oprah if there's nothing else on.

She's become so completely self-absorved, boring and annoying that I can barely ever make it thru one show. I'd like to see one show where she isn't interrupting her guests with her own viewpoints that half the time aren't even relevant. Can't stand her now that she's gottan all *cough*spiritual*cough* on us...

Personally, I don't give much credit to either Gary Zukav or Dr. Phil, only because the big 'O' thinks the sun/moon/stars hang on their every word.....
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