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Nov 12, 2000
I was curious as to political affiliations of celebrities. I figured that Hollywood types are liberal, but I found a surprising number of conservatives. Here's a list, with the most "iffy" celebrities marked as such. Anyone have a list of Liberal celebrities?

Most Country Singers/Musicians
Most Christian Singers/Musicians
Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen)
Ricky Martin
Alice Cooper
"Sir" Charles Barkley
Orson Bean
Catherine Bell
Tom Beringer
Jan Berry of "Jan and Dean"
Ernest Borgnine
Bruce Boxleitner
George Brett
Delta Burke
Drew Carey (Libertarian)
Dixie Carter
Nell Carter
Harry Connick Jr (Democrat)
Robert Conrad
Tony Danza
Bo Derek
Mike Ditka
Shannon Doherty
Fred Dryer
Clint Eastwood (Libertarian)
Buddy Ebsen
John Elway
Chad Everett
Brett Favre
Glenn Ford
Haden Fry
Crystal Gayle
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Joe Gibbs
Mel Gibson
Melissa Gilbert
Clarence Gilyard
Kelsey Grammar
Merle Haggard
George Hamilton
Paul Harvey
Charlton Heston
Catherine Hicks
Hal Holbrook
Bob Hope
Dennis Hopper
Dale Jarrett
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Shirley Jones
Bobby Knight (Brady Bunch)
Steve Largent
John Larroquette (questionable)
Heather Locklear
Mike Love
George Lucas (questionable)
David Lynch
Norm MacDonald
Barbara Mandrell
Louise Mandrell
Reba McEntire
Gerald McRaney
Wayne Newton
Chuck Norris
Ted Nugent
Gary Numan
Mike Oldfield
Gary Oldman
Ken Osmond
Marie Osmond
Fess Parker
Jameson Parker
Joe Paterno
Joe Pesci
Richard Petty
Regis Philbin
Laura Prepon
Ronald Reagan
Kurt Russell (Libertarian)
Pat Sajak
Rick Schroeder
Arnold Scwarzeneger
Tom Selleck
Paul Shanklin
Paul Sorvino
Robert Stack
Ben Stein
George Steinbrenner
Dave Thomas (SCTV, not Wendy's)
Dean Torrance of "Jan and Dean"
Janine Turner
Jimmy (J.J.) Walker
Lisa Whelchel
Reggie White
Cindy Williams
Noble Willingham
Bruce Willis
Tiger Woods

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please tell me you didnt know these off by heart in alphebetical order!!!

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