Bye Bye Joshua Trees?

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Mar 10, 2009
Orange County, CA
This is sickening to me. I've been born and raised in southern california, and part of my california love has always included Joshua Trees. And of course, U2 put the famous trees on the map with their classic album.
But new reports released in recent months suggested these trees will be gone, extinct, that is, in less than 100 years time. These rare, gorgeous trees are so historic to the entire south west and are very sensible to climate change. They can only bloom when the seed is frozen and thrive in the delicate desert landscape in perfect conditions. But as this article mentions, their time may be nearing an end.

Maybe I'll start The Joshua Campaign: The fight to save the Joshua trees.

Why Joshua Trees May Disappear from Their Own National Park
On the heels of a state climate report that said California will have "less water and more frequent and intense wildfires, heat waves and bad-air days throughout this century," a congressional field hearing next week near Joshua Tree National Park will take on similar issues.
"Of great concern to Joshua Tree National Park is the threat posed to its namesake species, the Joshua tree, by a warming climate," the meeting summary states. "Other high profile park units have also been affected; damages include melting glaciers at Glacier National Park, dying forests at Rocky Mountain National Park, and flooding at Mount Rainier National Park."
They predict Joshua trees could be gone in 100 years........
This can't be Sean Hannity said today that most experts agree that there is acutally a global cooling...

lol....everyone knows sean hannity lives in an alternate reality :cute:....

I dont really hate anyone, but if there are a few people who I will ever come close to hating its Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and the westboro baptist church people. and its not beacuse of their politics, but rather because they are so obnoxious about it and usually closed minded about anyone who thinks differently than them..

anyways, back on subject lol...
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