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ONE love, blood, life
Jul 6, 2000
yeah...another one

Shot after Shot

He tips back another one, music is in the air
Searching for pots of gold over rainbows that are not there
From underneath his wooden arch he sees smiles on every face
Their smiles hold some dark secret dressed in seductive lace

He tips back another one, the music seeps deep inside
Feelings ride on waves he can no longer hide
And still, all around him, smiles are in the air
Smiles suspended in future dreams withing her soft dark hair

Shot after shot after shot, accentuate the dark
fight the urge to die
Life begins when you learn to fly

He tips back another one, the music is a tapestry
A moving film within his mind, an ode to days never to come
And underneath his wooden arch, he sees nobody else
If this is how you deal with pain than pain is what will come

Fight after fight
in the slums of the night
with the lady?s of light
Lurking just out of sight

Shot After Shot

word to the distortion pedal is a dirty does not sound pretty!! :eeklaugh:
this is true
A. I trust ppl here
B. I think there are ways I could prove I did it first. I mean, I have it on my computer and the date of creation is there

It costs a lot to copyright doesn't it?
It doesn?t cost a cent to copyright. Every creation you make is automatically protected, with its fixation on a so called tangible medium.

What costs arise - I think, because here its for free - , it is rel. cheap (dunno about U.S. rates though), you need a registration of your work at your copyright office, you can get reg. forms there.

You are automatically protected, but in case of infringement it is good if you can prove that and how you have protected your works. You should also secure the publishing rights with a small "p". For example, I always write copyright © - year - by - name -.
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