3 Irishmen and a Dutchman Walk Into A Sphere - General Discussion Thread Part III

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I came here expecting the news to be met with a peaceful easy feeling, but it seems like these lyin' eyes are in for one of those nights. I can't tell you why, but it might be time to take it to the limit.



could you just... not talk, for a minute?
Looks like the Eagles will be playing The Joshua Tree in full.

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maybe a luxurious endgame for U2 would be to do a semi-permanent residency at Sphere, where they focus a series of shows that will showcase different albums in full, maybe do this once or twice a year. certainly JT would sell the most tickets, but imagine getting War or TUF in full.

one thing we could all look forward to would be hearing Elevation at every single show, regardless of the featured album.
CBS Mornings had a segment this morning about a student art competition for designs to be displayed on The Sphere

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