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Sep 22, 2001
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A Couple U2 Tour Rumors For You

Two interesting items have popped up in today's press that concern the Vertigo Tour - rumored dates in 2006 and a new opening act!

First, The Boston Globe is citing an uncredited source when it states: "Word is the Irish lads, who are on a never-ending tour to promote ''How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb," are nearing a deal to occupy the outfield next summer for two nights. Neither the Sox nor Clear Channel would comment yesterday, but the band has demonstrated it's a big fan of Boston." The entire item is here.

Lastly, perhaps a 3rd Leg Support announcement is not far behind now that Super Furry Animals have stated the following to the Telegraph: "We've been offered the support slot on five U2 shows, three Oasis shows and $1 million for a Coke advert." That entire piece is here.

Many thanks to Chrissi!
I'd be surprised if they'd cart all their gear back to america again after the australian leg.

Unless they're planning a full blown leg, it wouldn't make financial sense
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