(08-02-2006) Rumor: U2 to Play Melbourne Charity Gig -- 7 News*

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Apr 17, 2002
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Rumor: U2 to Play Melbourne Charity Gig

By 7News

Music supergroup U2 is planning to mix pleasure with politics on its November tour of Australia. . The band was said to be planning a Live 8-style concert to coincide with a meeting of world economic leaders in Melbourne.

The third concert would be aimed at sending a message to 20 of the world's finance ministers, who will be in Australia for the G20 economic summit.

Like the Live 8 concert in London last year, the U2 gig will support the Make Poverty History campaign, a cause close to the heart of singer Bono.

The event would be Australia's largest ever charity concert.

U2's Australian promoter Michael Coppel was unavailable for comment today, but it seemed a date was already set.

The band has a booking with Telstra Dome for November 21, just days after its already sold-out Melbourne concerts.
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