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Apr 17, 2002
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On the Road: Bruce Ramus, Lighting Director

U2.com has added another entry to its "On the Road" series of interviews with Vertigo crew members, this time featuring lighting director Bruce Ramus.

The entire interview is available to U2.com members here with snippets below.

Favourite memory of life on the road with U2
I guess if I had to pick a favourite , it would be all the times I’ve hung out with Willie all over the planet. But there are the parties too… A beautiful one in Verona on ZOO. Bus 3 on Elevation - that one lasted all tour. On one occasion, we rented our own double-decker tour bus in London after the second show in Earls Court. We crammed a bunch of people in there – it was heaving - people in the lounges, in the bunks, the hallways, in the loo. We drove all around central London, sightseeing as we partied then ended up out front of ‘Fabric’. We piled in, had a jump around, and left about 7am. Back on the bus, over to Fintans house for brekkie, then back to the hotel for a long nap. A gloriously memorable night…

And there are so many show moments that are memorable. Buenos Aires with the mothers of the disappeared, Poland for it’s powerful feeling of solidarity, New York City and the firemen… Wembley, Dublin, Slane, Italy, Sarajevo.

But probably the quality of people I have met and the friends I have made in my time with U2 will last the longest in my memory.
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