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Sep 22, 2001
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U2 apparently hasn't left all of its songwriting talent behind.

Guitarist The Edge this week said the band has been hard at work in a Dublin studio recording the followup to 2000's smash All That You Can't Leave Behind. He said the Irish rockers will tour to support the CD's expected 2004 release.


According to the British online music site nme.com, The Edge told XFM: "It's going really well. And we're writing some of the best songs we've ever written ... It's encouraging to kick even harder and make sure that the next batch of songs are as good as anything we've ever done.

"It's hard to describe (the new CD), other than it's just a very raw rock 'n' roll. A band in its primary colours of guitar, bass, drums, voice and a lot of vitality and energy ... so far, anyway. By the time it comes out it could be a country and western album."

The Edge said U2 likely would spend the rest of 2003 finishing the record, ostensibly for an early '04 release.

"Will we tour the album? I'm sure we will," he told XFM.

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I like the line where it says, "It could end up being a country and western album"! That's so true of U2 albums, haha.

Sounds very promising though. 2004, hurry up.
havent heard...

but i think it will be like elevation, most shows arenas, with some stadiums...i think there'll be a few more stadium shows though
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