(05-26-2005) Geldof Confirms Plans for Concert Against Poverty -- AP*

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Apr 17, 2002
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Bob Geldof Confirms Plans for Star-Studded Concert Against Poverty

LONDON (AP) - Live Aid founders Bob Geldof and Midge Ure said Thursday they were planning a star-studded concert to fight poverty in Africa - but insisted it wouldn't be Live Aid Mark 2.

Rumours have swirled for weeks that a Live Aid sequel will be held in London's Hyde Park in early July, days before leaders of the world's richest nations meet for a G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney and a reunited Spice Girls have all been mentioned in the possible lineup.

"I can say there's never going to be a Live Aid II but there's something brewing," Ure said Thursday at the Ivor Novello songwriting awards ceremony in London.

"It's big. And it's as petrifying as the buildup to Live Aid, if not more so. We'll have all the biggest names we can find. But it's not just about big names, it's about making a point."

Geldof and Ure received a Novello award for last year's remake of their 1984 charity single Do They Know It's Christmas? That song and the 1985 Live Aid concerts in London and the United States raised millions for Ethiopian famine victims.

Geldof has continued to campaign against poverty in Africa, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair has made aid to the continent one of the key themes for Britain's leadership of the G8 this year.

"Once more into the breach," Geldof said. "What started 20 years ago is coming to a political point in a few weeks.

"There's more than a chance that the boys and girls with guitars will finally get to turn the world on its axis and I need you there with us."

While details remain under wraps, one star confirmed Thursday he would be participating.

"Bob called me up and said I was doing it," Sting said at the Novello awards. "He doesn't ask you, he tells you," he said Thursday.
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