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Sep 22, 2001
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U2 to play April date at stadium

The new year is already shaping up to be a noteworthy one for musical events, with two major concerts planned for April.

The legendary rock band U2 will play Aloha Stadium on April 8, with a second concert on the 9th in the event of a sell-out, sources say. It will be the band's first Hawaii appearance in two decades.

U2 was the second biggest concert act of last year; the Hawaii concerts would follow the band's spring tour of Australia.

A week ahead of U2 will be an April Fools' Day music festival in Diamond Head Crater -- the first in nearly three decades -- with a bill that will include the Steve Miller Band.

Expect a day's worth of musical acts, although the Miller Band -- which actually performed at a Crater Festival of yore -- is the only group confirmed so far.

Ticket information on the two concerts is not yet available.

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