Covers Album “Scratch My Back” Proves Peter Gabriel Still Willing to Take Chances

February 27, 2010

Since the days when the worldbeat-driven art pop of So rocketed him to unlikely superstardom, Peter Gabriel has busied himself finding virtually every way to show that his desire to create art trumps his desire to create commerce.

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Suffer For Passion: of Montreal’s Magical Musical Tour

January 7, 2009

By Andrew William Smith, Editor

Photos by Patty Arriagada

January 7, 2009

Is it the circus of sound or a club show or what? Amid a cloud of preening pomp, the Athens, Georgia entourage known as of Montreal push the boundaries of rock performance. Fronted by the fabulously dressed and fantastically dramatic Kevin Barnes, of Montreal expand aesthetic definitions and defy current indie rock staples like beards and denim. Unlike the always cloudy clout of the new Seattle sound, this southern quintet lets the sun shine into even the most warped and introspective reflections.

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Movie Review: ‘Young@Heart’

May 28, 2008

By Jennifer B. Kaufman

Get a bunch of irascible and lovable old people and have them sing the songs of the Ramones, the Clash and Bruce Springsteen. It almost sounds like an “After School Special” for the AARP set, filled with lots of schmaltzy life lessons. Instead, Young@Heart is an original and affectionate look at our often-ignored elderly and how they bring a whole new meaning to the words “rocking chair.

British documentarian Stephen Walker focuses his lens on the Young@Heart Chorus based in Northampton, Massachusetts. Started in 1982 by choir director Bob Cilman, the Young@Heart Chorus is preparing for a 2006-2007 tour. Already used to performing and the rigors of the road, the chorus is gearing up for learning new songs as the film begins.

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