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  1. bizkitgto

    U2 Fans Helping Other U2 Fans Get Tickets

    Hey everyone, I am looking for two tickets to the show on Saturday Feb 24. Any seats or GA. Thanks.
  2. bizkitgto

    Popmart Lemon

    Wasn't the Lemon Perfecto Remix used an intermission?
  3. bizkitgto

    Which version/source for Mysterious Ways in the ZOOTV doc?

    I really love the version of Mysterious Ways used in the ZOOTV documentary (extras on the U2 ZOOTV - Live From Sydney DVD). Does anyone know the source (which tour stop) was played at the end of the documentary? It wasn't the Sydney version. You can hear it hear playing @ 48:10 (link below)...
  4. bizkitgto

    Looking for 1 GA Vancouver

    Looking for 1 GA Vancouver
  5. bizkitgto

    Songs of Experience Discussion

    Very well said :up:
  6. bizkitgto

    July 26, 2015 New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    There's a bunch of irish bars near MSG lol! I'm sure they'll be packed with U2 fans.
  7. bizkitgto

    2015 U2 Tour - General Discussion Thread IV

    POPMART Love here :) I hope this tour will have the innovation that past tours have. U2 doesn't disappoint!
  8. bizkitgto

    July 26, 2015 New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    I'll be there!! Are people planning a meetup before the show?
  9. bizkitgto

    So - the Tour - when?

    We're in new territory all right!! What will the new stage design look like...I can't imagine it will be low key if they gave away their new album on itunes???
  10. bizkitgto

    Bring back Lemon/Discotheque!

    Man Lemon/Disco would be amazing....that whole Perfecto LEMON POPmart encore was amazing and there's never been anything remotely close to that, hopefully U2 can pull it off on 360.
  11. bizkitgto

    U2 will have a new opening song in 2010, confirmed

  12. bizkitgto

    Bring Back Gone!!!

  13. bizkitgto

    Bring Back Gone!!!

    I'M NOT COMING DOWWWWN!!!! -----Ooooooooooh gawd play some POP!!!!
  14. bizkitgto

    Bring Back Gone!!!

    I support this 110%!! :up:
  15. bizkitgto

    Numb is an experimental disaster

    Numb is a great song, one of U2's best, I hear it a lot on Alt Nation!
  16. bizkitgto

    Favourite U2 Intros?

    Do You Feel Loved.....come on show me some love!
  17. bizkitgto

    Edge says "New things" for 2010

    GAWD I hope so, I thought 360 was meant to be an all-around showcase of music from their career - even the hated 90's :D
  18. bizkitgto

    Complain & regret: Why so many songs sound worse on 360 ...

    Does anyone know if the band has said why the cut the guitar solo on mysterious ways? It's be interesting to know why they cut it, if there is a reason. Just curious :D
  19. bizkitgto

    Edge says "New things" for 2010

    You seriously think the final 30% of the show was full of energy? It totally dropped off, the masks and Tutu speech had a lot to do with it though, all I'm saying is if they're going to kill the crowd's momentum - they should up the tempo after that.
  20. bizkitgto

    Edge says "New things" for 2010

    I hope Edge's promises for 2010 include more 90's tracks, I've said this before but they've totally repressed their 90's catalog...and the CLAW deserves more 90's nods, not to mention they abandoned mysterious ways guitar solo. Plus, I can tell you from both the Giants stadium shows, their was a...
  21. bizkitgto

    Why no slide solo in Mysterious Ways on this tour?

    Ever since ZOOTV, this solo has been THE highlight of the show for many, it really lifts you off your feet, one of the biggest disapointments of 360. U2 needs to add a little more 'ZING' into the setlist, it just seems so........well......there are alot of different opinions out there relating...
  22. bizkitgto

    Oakland, Edmonton and Toronto Presale/Gen. Sale Info

    Nope, I got 4 on the floor today. Didn't have any issues at Giants either with my Boots presale last year.
  23. bizkitgto

    June 23, 2010 - Edmonton

    Whooo - I saw the Popmart here....looking forward to another great show!
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