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  1. MandyMarie


    It's been a while since I've popped in. :wave: Just had to say this was an absolutely awesome surprise to come home to, and I pretty much hyperventilated for the hour it took to download the album. I've always been a ballad kinda girl, but these rockers! :love:
  2. MandyMarie

    Free today: One Step Closer

    I've not posted in a long time, but just wanted to let you know that one of my wishlisted U2 books is free at least for today: One Step Closer: Why U2 Matters to Those Seeking God [Kindle Edition]. (No, I didn't write the book, nor do I know the author) :wave: Cheers!
  3. MandyMarie

    NFC Champs/U2 cartoon in newspaper

    Didn't know if this might interest anyone, the cartoon was in my local newspaper.
  4. MandyMarie

    Whispering in Fez-BB?

    What I do? :reject:
  5. MandyMarie

    Whispering in Fez-BB?

    Yesterday, I cranked up Fez-Being Born as I was driving home, and I suddenly thought I heard whispering during Fez. After listening a couple more times, I was pretty sure I heard "let me in the sound" three times. I think I heard more, am I imagining it? What is being said? I've heard the song...
  6. MandyMarie

    eBook/Kindle/Nook format questions

    I've decided I want to buy an eBook reader, and I think I'm leaning toward Barnes and Nobles' Nook, which will be released in late November. The only drawback to the Nook is I prefer Amazon's eBook store: better prices, and a far better selection (ironic, considering B&N's store has 3x the...
  7. MandyMarie

    October 3 - Stadium Raleigh - NC

    It's a beautiful day!! I feel so much better too, yay! We're about to head out and eat at the Olive Garden. :drool: Everyone stay safe, have fun!!
  8. MandyMarie

    October 3 - Stadium Raleigh - NC

    Well, it's finally here!! I need some well wishes/prayers. My husband's been sick yesterday and today, and I've been in bed sick most of today. Feel decent now, I'm praying I won't be sick. I have seats in H/section 2, they look good as far as I can tell. I have the small Sony Cybershot...
  9. MandyMarie

    Man Arrested for Kissing Daughter in Public

    I disagree. Sure, a child as young as 2 or 3 cannot truly understand the concept of strangers and inappropriate touching, but it's our responsibility to constantly teach them and carefully monitor them. (Btw, as a 5 y/o victim of sexual molestation, I can attest that some children do understand...
  10. MandyMarie

    Velveteen - Home Waters?

    A few weeks ago, I heard the last half of Death Cab For Cutie's "Cath" on XM, so I downloaded it from Limewire to hear the whole thing. The song I downloaded was actually Velveteen's "The Getaway" and I really liked it. (Apparently, someone intentionally tagged Velveteen as DCFC's new album...
  11. MandyMarie

    Doll Lets Little Girls Pretend To Breast Feed

    There is such a doll, it's called Baby Alive. :D
  12. MandyMarie

    Doll Lets Little Girls Pretend To Breast Feed

    I've seen little girls "breastfeed" their dolls, and these are probably kids who have been exposed to breastfeeding. I see no problem promoting breastfeeding to young children as being healthy and natural, because sadly breastfeeding is still viewed by many as strange and unnatural. However, I...
  13. MandyMarie

    Songs With Your Name In Them

    I was named after Barry Manilow's 'Mandy'. The Jonas Brothers also have a song called 'Mandy' (I only know this because I have three daughters..)
  14. MandyMarie

    Keane... Back in the Studio...

    This is a totally random moment, but embarrassing, so I had to share.. I was driving to town today with my three girls, and I was listening to Keane on my iPod (with the ear buds). I was listening and signing out loud to one of my favorites, The Night Sky, and I pulled up behind another car at...
  15. MandyMarie

    Raleigh/Phoenix - Presale/General Sale Discussion Thread

    I got section 2, Row H, 6-8. I'm not familiar with the venue, are these decent seats? Also, does anyone know if cameras are allowed? It's only my second concert, so I don't know how strict the venues are. I really wanna take my camera. I have a hearing implant, so I have a medical card for...
  16. MandyMarie

    October 3 - Stadium Raleigh - NC

    I'm confused with the conflicting information! I'm a paid member as of Friday, so that obviously puts me in the Boots category, but will my pre-sale begin Wednesday at 6pm, or Thursday at 10am? :crack:
  17. MandyMarie

    Raleigh/Phoenix - Presale/General Sale Discussion Thread

    Thank you! This stuff can be confusing as hell for a newbie.. :huh:
  18. MandyMarie

    Raleigh/Phoenix - Presale/General Sale Discussion Thread

    I just bought my membership a couple of days ago, and what I'm assuming is my pre-sale code begins with U2C, so does that mean Thursday will be my pre-sale day for Raleigh? I've never bought tickets online (except eBay) or through pre-sale, I'm nervous!
  19. MandyMarie

    Official Pre-Sale Info - U2.Com - GENERAL DISCUSSION & INFO Part 2

    Fan club/pre-sale questions Is the membership the one needed to access the pre-sale? Also, are people generally successful when trying to purchase tickets during the pre-sale, or will that also sell out quickly? 2005 was my first U2 concert, and I wasn't able to get tix during the...
  20. MandyMarie

    Are you neglecting your album art/inserts since the arrival of MP3 players?

    I definitely do, which is one reason why I regretfully bought the NLOTH digi-pack instead of the boxset. I still prefer buying the physical cd over buying a full album off iTunes, but once I rip, I rarely touch the cds unless I wanna put one in my truck's cd player. I can't go a day without my...
  21. MandyMarie

    Letterman's audience - filled with paid "fans"?

    Even if you're not a particular fan of a band, it's kinda hard to sit around with a :grumpy: attitude when there's blasting live rock music and an enthusiastic crowd. I've seen some crazy theories posted on Interference, but this one's kinda out there...
  22. MandyMarie

    Goyb (cooker remix ) on uk itunes

    Ah, that explains it... Thanks anyway, Sicy!
  23. MandyMarie

    Goyb (cooker remix ) on uk itunes

    GOYB remix on iTunes? Sorry, can't remember which thread I saw this in. Can't find it on iTunes, can someone please post the link? Yes..I know everyone thinks it sucks, I just want to add it to my library. :D
  24. MandyMarie

    American Idol - Season 8

    Tatiana is back as a wild card?! She's hands down the most annoying contestant ever, this had to have been a move for the ratings. Can anyone fill me in on what happened with the wild card stuff last night? I had it recording, but my very pitiful 5 year old with a fever of 104 begged to watch...
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