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    2x ga tickets for New Jersey

    Hello beloved u2 interference fam ❤ I am from Australia and am coincidentally going to be in New York travelling while this gig is on. If anyone has 1 or 2 (preferably 2) ga tickets to sell let me know! Am so keen to see one of my all time faves
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    Did Bono ever sing "can you (see the beauty)" in falsetto, on CoBL live performances?

    i dont think hes capable anymore to be honest.. he struggles with the 'child' in mysterious ways now! oh how i miss dat zootv/popmart falsetto
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    Amsterdam #4 Setlist Party

    wow they've put 'bad' down half a semitone again! so its in G now! hasn't been like that since pop mart tour
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    Bono's Vocal Range

    sounds more off key here to me than the leeds version :shrug: (the actual 'true' high B note)
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    Bono's Vocal Range

    wish they played bad in leeds to hear how he sounded was full of anger and passion that night
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    Bono's Vocal Range

    i still think leeds popmart tour is one of my favourite complete vocal performances from bono! new years day is insane (say its trueeeeee!) and his falsetto is amazing in please and so powerful in all the heavy songs
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    Which 'Warhorse' needs a timeout from I&E

    lol i was the first to pick streets ! i would be annoyed going to a show and them not playing it..... but it is sounding below par these days with all the crap at the start and the worst song transition. need to reinvigorate it! but one needs some more rest and pride should rotate with NYD...
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    Europe leg. What would YOU change?

    its weird ive found myself absolutely loving every breaking wave now! prefer it stripped back :reject: and the way he sings it now! even the octave lower in the bridge part sounds good! think he pushed himself too much in the studio for this track (but when hasnt he) and the first few...
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    War horses

    hmm i dont think walk on should be in the encore! honestly would be happy if 360 was the last time they played it! but if they had to would want it second half of main set! NYD would be a great encore song! wish theyd rotate 40/bad for closer that would be my dream
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    NYC #7 Setlist Party

    surely no falsetto lol
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    NYC #7 Setlist Party

    whens the last time this was played?
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    NYC #7 Setlist Party

    sattelite of love?
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    Nyc setlist party #2

    i havent heard it much live but he did some weird falsetto bit at the end haha
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    Nyc setlist party #2

    karls ended and jasmins the audio isnt working for me:sad:
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    Nyc setlist party #2

    was that an elevation snippet in cedarwood road?
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    Nyc setlist party #2

    wow screamed the 2,3,4 YES
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    a song from Pop on the IE tour

    yeah definitley ^ i dont think he could sing gone anymore (the falsetto bridge) would have to do something different! please would be nice and mofo :drool:
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    a song from Pop on the IE tour

    they could definitley do acrobat acoustic on e stage!! gone would be my realistic hope
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    Toronto 2 Setlist Party

    fuck if they ever get round to coming to melbourne ill defs hold a sign up on the e stage saying i play guitar! would choose 'one' or 'stuck' to rip out of the vault....
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    Can we just agree...

    hahahah fair enough :wink: only song id like to see live from ATYCLB is stuck (i know its hated by a lot of people) but very nostalgic for me and i had it on high rotation as a kid and it helped me during a rough time! New york would be sick as well! got to see IALW, Walk on, elevation and BD...
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