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  1. J

    Bono murdering Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'

    Nah I just decided to waste my own time making a new thread for the sake of it. Of course I didn't see it.
  2. J

    Bono murdering Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' Could have at least tried to remember the words :down:
  3. J

    U2 Wedding Songs

    This would be perfect...U2 - Can't help falling in love - Live Sydney 1993 - YouTube
  4. J

    Great 'Stay' cover by Temper Trap

    I couldn't believe how many people were there for Avicii. Great atmosphere but just realised yesterday that dance music may not be my thing. Temper Trap and Bloc Party were highlights for me yesterday, Rudimental too.
  5. J

    Great 'Stay' cover by Temper Trap

    Well according to Edge they copied Streets, The Temper Trap Returns Fire On U2 - @U2blog - U2 news and discussion I personally love both bands though
  6. J

    Great 'Stay' cover by Temper Trap

    I normally hate all U2 covers but this is great.. Session acoustique OÜI FM The Temper Trap - Stay (reprise - U2).wmv - YouTube Helps that the band sounds so much like U2 anyway! :drool:
  7. J

    Best Song Survivor: 1990s/2000s Semifinal, Round Four

    Who the hell is voting for Lemon?! WHO?!
  8. J

    Funniest Bono jokes...

    Anyone got a favorite? I quite liked this tweet I read the other day... 'Breakfast with Bono is the most self-important meal of the day. '
  9. J

    U2 still refusing to take the hint

    The Daily Mash - U2 still refusing to take the hint U2 are still sitting around the kitchen table, drinking tepid white wine and pretending they don't know that it's almost three o'clock in the morning. Michael brought a vegetarian moussaka and some really good boozeAs REM left with handshakes...
  10. J

    New INXS Demo...Featuring Bono?

    I don't think the band were too impressed with Stuck in a moment. Probably fair enough though, Michael was worthy of a much better song than that.
  11. J

    New INXS Demo...Featuring Bono?

    I think people want it to be Bono. When was the last time Bono's voice sounded this good?
  12. J

    New INXS Demo...Featuring Bono?

    Oh I wish it were him! The singer sounds beautiful. Kudos to INXS for such an awesome song!
  13. J

    the conservative case for same sex marriage

    Why should puppets need to have a sexual orientation?? It's only strange to adults that two male best friends live together, kids wouldn't question it.
  14. J

    Rise Above video premiered today

    Doesn't anyone else think the song sounds a bit like Slideaway the duet Bono did with Michael Hutchence? ‪Michael Hutchence feat Bono - "Slideaway" (NEW VIDEO)‬‏ - YouTube
  15. J

    Bono's earliest radio interview! August 1979!

    Incredible. So articulate even at that age. How different does he sound to any of the dopey teenage pop stars around these days.
  16. J

    Larry's sense of timing amazes Eno

    Ha ha Eno was a producer on it wasn't he? Mustn't be a fan
  17. J

    Larry's sense of timing amazes Eno

    Larry Mullen Jnr has shaper timing than a computer according to Eno U2 drummer wows Eno with millisecond timing - RT Ten U2 drummer wows Eno with millisecond timing U2 drummer Larry Mullen has sharper timing than a computer according to legendary producer Brian Eno. Eno made the discovery...
  18. J


    You got that much out of a John Mayer song? Who knew his music was so deep? Seems appropriate though that in a thread about 'sluts' his name should pop up.
  19. J


    The police officers remarks were wrong no doubt but I have no idea why these women would want to perpetuate the term 'slut' by displaying it with pride :huh: It is a highly offensive term of disparagement with no male equivalent and it should not be considered ok that men can go about calling...
  20. J

    Is Lust Sinful? (--> split)

    I find the terms prick teaser and slut to be pretty offensive to be honest, as if after a certain point of flirting and attention the woman owes you sex.
  21. J

    Is Lust Sinful? (--> split)

    Do people really have passing thoughts like this? I can see a stranger on the street and think he is cute, has nice eyes, smile etc but my mind has never jumped straight to sex. This kind of thought doesn't seem 'natural' to me at all. Maybe it's different for guys though....
  22. J

    Hillsbourough Memorial, Anfield, Justice for the 96

    I think a certain amount of justice was served through the addition of new stadium safety standards. The removal of the fencing and introducing all seating stadiums.
  23. J

    Do you believe in hell?

    Fortunately relatively incompetent? How did he come to these conclusions by the way?
  24. J

    [FAKE] Bono suffered a heart-ttacked?

    What? The article was about his back injury from last year.
  25. J

    Do you believe in hell?

    That doesn't mean you can go about comparing your own faith to universal facts supported by evidence.
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