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    Sphere #2 setlist party

    Also, this show was absolutely amazing. Bono's vocals and edge's solo in love is blindness were amazing. So Cruel, Acrobat, and WGRYWH were all very strong as well. I wish they put some of the higher energy songs a little later in the AB parts, but the band sounded phenomenal, Bram was...
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    Sphere #2 setlist party

    I saw that person from my seat and was like, are we as U2 fans getting old, or is it just traveling from the east coast....
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    Songs of Surrender - Discussion, reviews, impressions

    I guess I'm in the minority, but I love window in the skies and want to hear more of Rubin/U2.
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    Songs of Surrender - Discussion, reviews, impressions

    This is a pleasant treat and I have enjoyed a good 75% of it. If God Will Send His Angels is great, I Will Follow, Bad, Electrical Storm, All I Want Is You, Two Hearts Beat As One, City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo..... Some real gems. they are nice takes and I am happy we got them. As you...
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    Your song saved my life

    I'd say I was very disappointed in this song on first hear.... but then having taken my 7, 5, 3 year old to see the movie (which was pretty fun) The song actually fit the movie incredibly well where it was placed and was great. Also, every other song from the boys and their guest stars were...
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    Bono, The Edge & Martin Garrix team up for EURO 2020

    This song is great for what it is. Calm down jaded folks! Let's enjoy a nice dance track with a positive message, a strong vocal, and a catchy beat. It's good.
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    Taylor Swift IS the new Arya Stark!

    Wow, I forgot about Winter, and just listened to both versions again. What an awesome song. Taylor..... well...... my wife is happy about the new music. so that's good.
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    SOE promo tour/promo activities

    late to the party, but everyone crapping on the SNL performances.... Not sure how it sounded on TV, but I was lucky enough to be in the studio audience, and the sound was crisp and the performance was solid. So it bodes well for the tour. The crowd was into it and trust me, that was not a...
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    Songs of Experience Episode VII: The Dreamforce Awakens

    I never thought Adam would be my favorite, but like you said.... he's the one giving the glimmer of hope for an imminent album!
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    U2 Pop - HONG KONG mixes

    I like Pop, but i feel like I would have loved this Pop.........
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    SOI autopsy - what went wrong?

    Absolutely the bike crash. The music is there and is fantastic. It is a great album start to finish and has great outtakes. The sounds more accessible but still deep so that's great!
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    LP 13: See you next Tuesday

    The RAC mix is absolutely amazing.
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    on Danger Mouse's production

    Also, I apologize for my first post it was really overly aggressive! Sorry Pals!
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    on Danger Mouse's production

    I know why he says it is there, but that doesn't mean it is a good reason for it to be there. He did a lot with a very little on that loop. He proved his point. But does it make the song better because of it on the whole? I can take it because I like the song, but I feel it could be better...
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    on Danger Mouse's production

    True words, I love the song idea, but that loop is a burnt fart. I can't express how annoying it is that someone tried that hard push a river in the wrong direction. That song is and was beautiful without that incoherency. Just because you can put it in a song doesn't mean it should be there.
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    U2BROTHR the MOVIE !

    This is an awesome project, if you ever find yourself in Philly we can hook you up with a place to stay!
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    U2's quest for the 'perfect pop song' -- new album talk continued

    At this point, we need to just buckle down for the long haul. I look forward to the new material, but I expected it sooner. We should just listen to other things and pretend we aren't at all super excited to hear new material. The watched kettle never boils. :sexywink:.
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    U2's quest for the 'perfect pop song' -- new album talk continued

    Every Breaking Wave is amazing even in it's stripped down form. It's like saying Mystery Girl/She's a mystery to me is no good. Bring it. The boys need to put out music. There is so much crap out right now.
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    Would You Rather Have The New Album...

    I certainly love the boys, but there is no tangible evidence there are 40 songs or 5 songs. They are very much taking time off. We have a break here people. Boo for us, maybe good for them?
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    Bono Solo Performance for "So Cruel"

    yeah, this may be the only great stuff we get a while, and I thought it was brilliant! does anyone have mp3s for us less intelligent folks?
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