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    Ry Cooder

    Am liking the stuff on Paris, Texas (thanks for the recommendation, joyfulgirl) - any similar stuff I could move on to? (Ry Cooder or otherwise). Thanks in advance. foray
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    anything to recommend?

    joyfulgirl: Hmyeah I know it seems like a big ask. It's just that if there's a record out there that stands independent from any film images that would be icing on the cake. I like to imagine my own images too. But I will check Ry Cooder out. I've heard of the Paris, Texas soundtrack before and...
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    anything to recommend?

    You mean Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man? Richard Thompson again.. Anyone know records that wouldn't be soundtracks, though? foray
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    anything to recommend?

    Hi again, I had another look around. I'm actually looking for very little singing. Surely there must be some record with a brooding guitar that reflects the vast expanse of the land. Less honky tonk, more twang. Is this asking too much? :confused: foray
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    anything to recommend?

    but i am your sister
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    anything to recommend?

    Back at cher, joyfulgirl :) and everyone else. Thanks for the names, I hope my local store has 'em. Local store! I sound obsolete. foray
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    anything to recommend?

    Give this old timer a break. You're telling me you dunno any good cowboysy music? Don't keep it to yourself! foray
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    anything to recommend?

    Please recommend some tru blu cowboy music along the lines of Richard Thompson but without the singing and lyrics. I love Richard Thompson but only instrumentally. Thanks in advance. foray
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    heroin's cut these fuses short

    Well if it ain't the brothers macabre. Think St Patrick's got to you a bit too early. foray
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    Bob Dylan at the Forum last night

    When I got out Modern Times, I remember thinking for the first time that this music is brave. For some reason, it is. Braver than Neil Young singing let's impeach the president :| foray
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    I'm actually Financeguy, guys

    I don't know if I wanna, deathbear. :o yarof
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    I'm actually Financeguy, guys

    How can I not be myself? How can I not be my self self. foray
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    Some relatively insignificant info, but interesting nevertheless.

    The Sky Tower is where Rolling Stones stayed at earlier this year, too, I think. foray
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    Natalie And Jake?

    Is this an appropriate time to say that I kissed The Doctor from Star Trek Voyager on the cheek? yarof
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    Aung San Suu Kyi Hospitalized

    :D @ zoney
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    Will you still need him, will you still feed him?

    64 and 50% poorer :( Ah well, he prolly doesn't give a toss :) foray
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    Interference World Cup thread #3

    But - but - Corea equalized at the 81st minute! Surely that pulled you out of your boredom :madspit: yarof
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    The OFFICIAL Interference World Cup Thread

    I :heart: World Cup. Bring Back Buck! Oops, wrong one. I will be swilling it down in a pub on High St this Friday. foray
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    question about World Vision

    Ang: I started my sponsorship yesterday! I just randomly picked an 8-year-old boy from Tanzania, a place I know nothing about. While I was signing up, I might have been thinking of sula and her own heart for Africa. I will be going through WV New Zealand - why, do you think the different...
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    Reveal Your Wardrobe to Me

    Sorry to break your heart, db ;) Thanks foray
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    question about World Vision

    Thanks a lot, Ang, that was what I needed to hear. Good on you for sticking to it ten years, too. I've been thinking about the writing thing as well, and was wondering if I told the child stuff about my life and work, maybe it would spur him/her on or something. Perhaps a good idea would be to...
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    question about World Vision

    Sure, Ang, would appreciate it. foray
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    Review the last movie you viewed (NO LISTS)

    Reservoir Dogs Love the pacing and editing and film geek dialogue, but not The cringeworthy scene. Words that come to mind: sound of mulchy flesh, quips, fast, old mustangs Rating: 6/10 foray
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    Reveal Your Wardrobe to Me

    Work: power suits In my studio: boiler suit Weekends: Tees and woolly tops. My husband makes my pants for me. foray
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