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    Running To Stand Still (Daniel Lanois Remix)

    127 views and not one comment?!?! No love, no hate, nothing? You people are lame.
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    Every Breaking Wave Remix

    For fans of Every Breaking Wave...found this beautiful remix on youtube. Hope you enjoy!!
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    The Little Things That Give You Away - Appreciation Thread

    If U2 are so desperate for a huge hit, why not just admit that the other songs on the album do not even come close to this and release the damn thing as a single!!! It is literally the ONLY song on the album that could be a genuine radio hit, like the good old days!!
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    You're the Best Thing About Me - Song Discussion

    Just heard the new single. Been a fan since "Boy" was released. I'm absolutely baffled how a band with such great songs have come up with such horrendous singles these past three albums. P.S. Just searched youtube and listened to the actual single (not the Fallon performance version), I still...
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    Tour merchandise

    Merch? How is the merch looking for this tour? T-Shirts, Baseball caps, posters, buttons, programs?
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    San Jose #2 Setlist Party

    Sometimes these guys boggle my mind. Why "Invisible"? It's a half assed song that wasn't even on an album. NOBODY cares!!! And no "The Troubles"?!?!?!?!
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    San Jose #1 Setlist Party :)

    Ya, please throw out "Invisible" and "City of Blinding Lights" and add "The Troubles" and perhaps "Please" or "Gone"!!!
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    San Jose #1 Setlist Party :)

    Would it really kill then to shake it up a little bit? Maybe even as simple as adding a 3 minute "40" to the end?
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    The October Appreciation Thread

    "Stranger in a Strange Land is one of the worst U2 songs"?!?!?!? Are you out of your fucking mind? It's a gorgeous track and nowhere near their "worst". Geezus man! You obviously haven't listened to some of the shite they've put out the last two decades!!!
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    Top 15 U2 songs of the 80's

    1. Bad 2. Tomorrow 3. The Unforgettable Fire 4. Out of Control 5. Drowning Man 6. Running to Stand Still 7. New Years Day 8. Sunday Bloody Sunday 9. Bullet The Blue Sky 10. Exit 11. One Tree Hill 12. 40 13. Like a Song 14. I Threw a Brick Through a Window 15. Heartland
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    Bad Movie Sequels- The Thread

    Blair Witch II - walked out of the theatre 15 minutes into the movie.
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    Rate The Album: Songs of Innocence (2 1/2 months later)

    The Miracle 1/10 Every Breaking Wave 4/10 Every Breaking Wave (New Single Version) 7/10 California 5/10 Song For Someone 6/10 Iris 5/10 Volcano 5/10 Raised By Wolves 4/10 Cedarwood Road 6/10 Sleep Like a Baby 8/10 Reach Me Now 8/10 The Troubles 8/10 Invisible 1/10 Crystal Ballroom 7/10 Lucifer's...
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    Your Favorite U2 song - There can only be one

    Tomorrow Bad is a very close second!!
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    The Twilight Sad

    Let's make that 74 views and not one "like" or comment!?!?!? Nobody??????
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    The Twilight Sad

    Thanks. Much appreciated. At least by me. Sorely disappointed in the apparent lack of interest in this fantastic band from U2 fans. Really? Over 50 views and not one "like" or comment?!?!
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    New Smashing Pumpkins

    I guess it may be half decent yet forgettable. Can't understand why every review I've read is heaping praises on it. It's NOT THAT GOOD!!!
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    The Twilight Sad

    Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave - The Twilight Sad One of the best albums of the year!!! If someone out there would be kind enough to post a song or two from youtube that would be greatly appreciated. I'm a bit of a computer dinosaur and don't quite know how to do that...
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    All things Mark Kozelek

    You Missed My Heart (Live version and NOT the horrible tripe that has the same title on Perils By The Sea)...and Gustavo (again, the live version). Both brilliant songs. P.S. Who are these War On Drugs that you speak of
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    Need help with with my best of 2014 list

    The Church - Further Deeper The Twilight Sad - Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave
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    U2 (Minus Bono) playing in NYC Tonight

    Sorry, but that's the funniest yet saddest statement I think I've ever heard!!
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    U2 (Minus Bono) playing in NYC Tonight

    Please don't tell me Kanye West was involved? Why U2 haven't disassociated themselves with this egotistical douchebag is beyond me?!?! Involving Bruce is brilliant and Chris Martin is understandable...but there's no excuse for Kanye West, he a complete and utter douche!!:angry:
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    Top 15 U2 songs of all time

    1. Bad 2. Tomorrow 3. Please 4. Gone 5. Exit 6. Bullet the Blue Sky 7. Running to Stand Still 8. Out of Control 9. Wake Up Dead Man 10. The Unforgettable Fire 11. I Threw a Brick Through a Window 12. New Years Day 13. Every Breaking Wave (not the album version but rather what it will become...
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