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  1. pepokiss

    Next Album Rumours Thread V - Your Song Ruined My Life

    Not my finest moment :doh: :sigh: I was younger and dumber
  2. pepokiss

    Almost Finished with U2

    He might be after reading this thread (?)
  3. pepokiss

    Larry playing to a click track

    I'd guess since 84 and Bad and TUF. At least that'd be the first thing I would think.
  4. pepokiss

    I've Been on Interference So Long...

    You cannot return to where you never left :sexywink:
  5. pepokiss

    I've Been on Interference So Long...

    I'm not actually a kiss, but I am Pepo :wave: it's been like 18 years? :crack:
  6. pepokiss

    Latest Stream: Chicago 2005

    At least is open for everybody instead of just subscribers :shifty:
  7. pepokiss

    How many JT songs on SOE tour?

    It's fun to read this thread now :lol:
  8. pepokiss

    The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 - Show & Setlist Discussion

    I haven't been here in a looong while. And i have to say, I'm excited for the India show. History in the making as they say. I had no interest in going. Just came back from my own tour, seeing Auckland 1-2, Melbourne, Sydney 1-2 and Tokyo 1-2 But i have a few friends going and really happy...
  9. pepokiss

    Achtung U2 - the Achtung Baby Font -- FINALLY!

    Anyone has it that can upload it again, please? :wave:
  10. pepokiss

    NEED - 1GA for Las Vegas 2 tonight!

    Hi! I'm looking for a GA for tonight's show. (Saturday) Number 98 in line already. Just ask for Pepo ;) PM me if you have any info on a ticket for sale, hopefully at face value :)
  11. pepokiss

    eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour 2018 - Rumors & General Discussion

    So... is Tulsa the official opening night? Or they may add previous dates? What do you think/know? :hmm: :crack:
  12. pepokiss

    How crowded is Red Zone?

    450 Red Zones for every show.
  13. pepokiss

    Tickets rejection

    GA Paperless :|
  14. pepokiss

    Tickets rejection

    Hi! I anyone can clarify me this, please... I bought 2 GAs for Rose Bowl 1, but I used a code that had already been used in 4 Red Zones. The thing is the GAs still appear in "My orders" on Ticketmaster. If they reject my tickets, will they disappear from "my orders" ? Or I'll get the surprise...
  15. pepokiss

    I need 2 GAs for Rose Bowl 1

    Hi! :wave: I'm traveling (again) for the first shows, with a friend, but we don't have tickets for the 1st Rose Bowl show. We can bring you a nice bottle of chilean wine :wink: Let me know!
  16. pepokiss

    Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - Rumors & General Discussion

    I haven't used my code. I still have my code. :D
  17. pepokiss

    2017 Joshua Tree Tour Stage Design

    "Pac Man throwing up" stage is better
  18. pepokiss

    Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - Rumors & General Discussion

    If I buy with a used code, are they gonna cancel the tickets for sure? Or not? How long it takes? :ohmy:
  19. pepokiss

    2017 Joshua Tree Tour Stage Design

    It looks like Pac Man
  20. pepokiss

    U2, The Joshua Tree/SOE, fear and failure

    Someone on Facebook posted this article about the Joshua Tree Tour, saying he was sick of reading this, that the writer absolutely went against U2... but not only the writer has a point, HE'S RIGHT The article ---> These 2 thoughts were...
  21. pepokiss

    May 20, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA - Rose Bowl

    After the show we stay... To begin the line for the 2nd show :wink:
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