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    VIP Packages + (RED) Zone Auctions - All Discussion HERE

    Okay dumb question I bid for 2 tickets but could have bid up to 4 is the auction for one winner only no matter how many tickets or can there be more than one winner?
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    Thoughts on the group's future.

    Are we running out of topics to discuss? Of course we are closer to the end than the start but I am sure that they still have lots left to give. It is a matter of when they don't want to tour any more but in all honesty I think it is going to be a while before they total stop producing new...
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    U2 lyrics game

    Two hearts beat as one "You can swallow or you can spit"
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    Rest of U2 Survivor: War - Round 3

    One is a good song but I don't think is the best U2 song ever.
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    Rest of U2 Survivor: War - Round 3

    Drowning man???? Are you guys kidding me?
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    Rest of U2 Survivor: War - Round 1

    My favorite album so hard to choose.
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    Rest of U2 Survivor: October - Round 7

    I know tomorrow will never beat Gloria but it is one of my top 10 U2 songs.
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    Where are the boys?

    Well I see they have been around since I started this thread. I need them in NY soon. :sad:
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    Where are the boys?

    October, that is too long and too cold so a certain person (one4u2) will complain about that.
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    Where are the boys?

    I need a U2 okay a Bono fix, when are they coming to NY.
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    What is u2's Finest year?

    1987 nothing was ever even similar to the success of JT for them although my fav was more like 1985 when they were still not so huge.
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    Walking down the aisle, bono's singing... which song?

    I walked down to Miss Sarajevo which if you listen to the first verse it was fitting. However I am divorced now so maybe you should pick a new one.
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    A surrogate voice to the 'P' in PLEBA

    I meet Paul at a concert. I stuck my head in his car told him I wanted his job because it was the coolest job on the planet and asked if he had any back stage passes for really big fans. Later he gave my friend and I a set list (which we were lucky to have a copy of from a security guard so we...
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    Bono in NYC last night

    Frankenstein wore Bono shoes too.
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    How good is Bono at Chess

    The signiture is better although not as good as bondage bono. Which I just realized is on the other side of your post.
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    Check out my new tattoo!

    You know I am about to get my second one and it never even dawned on me to get a U2 one. I've become a bad fan...
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    LOST: Season 3 (16 straight weeks of joy)

    I thought lost was great with this last episode. I read an article and it says all in due time the answers will come. Even about Michael and Will. I think it is so creative and that what keeps us coming back for more. I agree with the post above about Juliets character I like her too and she...
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    Is there anything about U2 we can agree on?

    JT was the bands deal with the devil album. Where it may not be as good as AB (as people would say not me personally) there is nothing that even comes close to it's sound. It is the album that launched U2 to superstardom. AB just continued to keep them there.
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    A Man and a Woman

    I love that song. It is like a mature Love Comes Tumbling. It is actually in my top 5 favorite U2 songs. I don't care if I stand alone in this, I personally melt when I hear it.
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    What Do U Think Of His Open Shirt?

    I think that was hot. I voted. I'd take him over anyone anyday.
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    Bono the Babysitter

    My daughter was also introduced to Bono videos at an early age and she once walked up to the TV and said "Daddy". My friend and I were like I wish. She now is a U2 fan and has listen to Pop so many times I had to hide the CD.
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    Happy Birthday Youtwohearts!!

    I am never even on here anymore don't even think anyone but us will write. Well at least I had good birthday's in the past
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