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    From the Worst to the Best...unbelievable!!!!

    Yeah, surprises are great when they go as planned! :huh:
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    From the Worst to the Best...unbelievable!!!!

    Thanks for the comments... & Thanks for letting me share my story with you. So here's the breakdown: 2 Tickets: $520 (so-called ticket broker) 2 nights at hotel: $205 Vertigo Tour t-shirt: $35 Car insurance deductible: $1000 Meals (including frappucinos...yum): $80 Experience: PRICELESS...
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    From the Worst to the Best...unbelievable!!!!

    To celebrate our five year wedding anniversary I planned to surprise my husband with tickets to see U2 in Milwaukee on Sunday, September 25, 2005. To get him to go to Milwaukee, I asked Jim (my husband) if he would be interested in visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum on Saturday. He agreed, thus...
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    Need 9/25/05 Milwaukee

    If any one knows where I can get my hands on the Milwaukee show I would LOVE to have a copy. We went to the show to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and a recording would be a great thing to have. Thanks for your help!
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