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    With or without you ZOOTV solo

    it look kinda like a stapler...:huh: :ohmy: ???
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    With or without you ZOOTV solo

    its done with a bow isnt it??:ohmy:
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    Drum Tabs

    wowy is preety easy,so is iwf,love playing iwf on drums and guitar,gets the blood really goin!!:drool:
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    party girl

    is it not bminsus4 A maj Emaj???
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    actually i think the Dsus2 is correct :eyebrow:
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    yeah..there JUST major chords
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    (05-28-2006) New 'One' Video on --*

    in my opinion MJB voice does not suit the version is live in my opinion...
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    Acrobat acoustic

    what are the chords???
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    Drum Tabs

    yeah,thats what ive been doing,especially with WOWY,most tabs say larry uses the snare,..he uses a tabourine type yokey...yoke :(
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    out of control SLANE DVD

    does anyone have the slane dvd version of this one??
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    A question about Edge's picking.

    do the dimples run to the very end of the picks??/ dunlops dont!!
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    With or without you ZOOTV solo

    is it the same solo as the r&h dvd one>???
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    Piano: Walk On

    Dmj,Amj,Emj for verses any way and chorus,intro is dmin,amin, i think
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    What's the last song you learnt on guitar?

    fake plastic trees- radiohead
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    Crumbs Intro: Final Chord?

    shit i wrote mine totally wrong it is: 6.0 5.2 4.2 3.0 2.0 1.2
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    Crumbs Intro: Final Chord?

    1.--1 2---0 3---0 4---2 5---2 6---0 i think
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    October piano chords

    im playing this song for my leaving cert music practical on guitar,ill get the chords for you later on.
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    Original Of The Species (guitar)

    no,its tab im looking for
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    Original Of The Species (guitar)

    anyone have the guitar tab for this gem? i have the chords
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    Drum Tabs

    bought a drum kit today,to complete the list,i play:guitar,bass,piano and now learning drums,any1 no any decent U2 easy drum tabs
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    frustrated with WTSHNN

    i knew that thing about 2 seperate amps and pedals being used,interesting page though!
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    as far as bass...

    into the heart i think its just 3 different notes
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    easy u2 songs

    The Fly is easy! :huh: :wink: :eyebrow: :giggle:
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