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  1. baker6621

    What happened to U2G?

    As I said before, I haven't come to Interference in at least a year before like a month ago. What happened to U2 Guatemala? I speak spanish, read spanish, etc. and that site RULED. It was the #1 source for info, I loved it. Does anyone know the scoop?
  2. baker6621

    What's on the DVD?

    Stop whining. This album is PRICELESS. Wow, I'm blown away. :--)
  3. baker6621

    What's on the DVD?

    Why don't people like the book?
  4. baker6621

    Quick... my cousin is overseas and wants a song from the new record. Which?

    He's in Colombia, he's heard Vertigo but the album has not yet been released. He wants "a taste" of the new record. I've told him 100 times how amazing it is. What should I send to make him go crazy? Quick!
  5. baker6621

    Where and when have you seen U2 live?

    Honestly, I would list the shows I've been to but there's one that changed my life. OCTOBER something, MSG, after 9/11. in the heart, 4 feet from BONO, me and my cousin looking up at the sky during ANGEL OF HARLEM when he says "the night this city belongs to me".. We knew we were in heaven. I...
  6. baker6621

    Savor the moment.. This is exciting.

    Hahaha and oh yeah - remember to Savor this moment! This is huge! We won't get these times back. Enjoy. Seriously. U2 are definatley far from over - but this won't last forever. Enjoy this moment in time, just like with ATYCLB. It's so special.
  7. baker6621

    Savor the moment.. This is exciting.

    Guys, I used to come here all the time. I'd post and lurk on Interference 24/7. After ATYLB, the tours, and everything, I discovered a lot of new music. Old punk, new punk, ambient, instrumental, classic rock, hell - even country. I got into so many different bands. The people around me, who...
  8. baker6621

    Fuckin' amazing setlist!

    Great show. Bono was sooo funny. The best moment was them on the truck, coming down the bridge and he yells "We're coming!" He was so funny on stage. Hes like, "How do you guys know this shit" (In reference to fans knowing the words already). It was SWEET. Worth the mayhem.
  9. baker6621

    MERGED-->Location of New York show READ if you're going

    Yes or no? Brooklyn is 100% confirmed for 3 pm But they started playing Columbia U at 11:15... where are they going now!?!?!?! Any thoughts?!?!
  10. baker6621

    MERGED ----> Special Olympics + U2 rules + After watching... + The Black Strat...

    U2 rules You all see the olympic video? Great to see them at it again.. Also, I've watched the Superbowl performance a few times too. Brings back memories. Fuckin amazing energy!!
  11. baker6621

    MERGED-->U2 On "Today"

    I thought it was decent, nothing amazing. Shitty stage, and also didn't like all the pre-recorded crap. Eh..... 5/10
  12. baker6621

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers Concert Video

    June..where? I'm trying to go to MSG!! Anyways, Chili Peppers are awesome live, wild up front, but the rest is cool. Can't wait.
  13. baker6621

    I love Wyclef's and Edge's Performance of WOWY!!

    The beggining drums are just wayy too awesome... "We got edge to take my guitar, its all good! Say Edge! Whassup!" - Wycelf
  14. baker6621

    I love Wyclef's and Edge's Performance of WOWY!!

    Love it! Can't stop listening to it...I don't know when or where thois was but it's so cool... "Y'know what would really make my dream..if the Edge came up here and played a little song with me.." .. "Edge! Edge! Edge!" The version is instrumental, with a reggae kind of
  15. baker6621

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers Concert Video

    AWESOME!!! I'm gonna go check it out. RHCP is one of the best bands on the planet. "Today love smiled on me..."
  16. baker6621

    I hate raP

    50 cents new album is the shizznit.
  17. baker6621

    Eh, I heard some of the Ramones tribute CD today.

    What? Are you saying something about Anthony's voice? The Red Hot Chili Peppers are an amazing band, and Anthony is a fuckin' great frontman who still has a great voice, despite being around for 20+ years.
  18. baker6621

    MERGED ---> Zwan + Hear Zwan on

    I'm seeing Zwan in NY as well, plan to be there very early.
  19. baker6621

    Wheres my thread?

    What happened to my thread entitled "Zwan.". I wanted to hear reactions, where is it?
  20. baker6621

    MERGED ---> Zwan + Hear Zwan on

    Zwan. I suggest you all pickup Zwan's debut album, Billy Corgans new band, Mary Star of the Sea which was released last week. I have never been a Smashing Pumpkins or BC fan at all, only liking the classics such as Today, Tonight, Tonight, Ava Adore, etc. I never owned any SP albums either. The...
  21. baker6621

    Legal Drugs V Illegal Drugs

    Nothing should be banned. EVER. WE CHOOSE what comes into our bodies. Who the FUCK has the right to tell us what is right and wrong when it is OUR BODIES. We make a decision and that decision can have advantages or disadvantages. Fuckin sheeps.
  22. baker6621

    Is the CBS special gonna be aired again?

    U2Lynne - whats your mail? I don't have access to PM because I haven't paid yet. Thanks :huh:
  23. baker6621

    U2's Beautiful Day Earns VERY Low Ratings....

    Me too, if possible...I won't send check though, just some cash :hyper:
  24. baker6621

    Is the CBS special gonna be aired again?

    ON that note, does anyone have a copy? I'd obviously pay some for the trouble and a little for the shipping (either paypal or just cash). Let me know.
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