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    I hate cilantro... JOIN THE FIGHT!!!

    OMG! This group has read my mind! I hate it to the max. If i can taste that my food has been cooked with it, even though its not on my plate, I instantly start to become nauseous! I HATE CILANTRO
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    Babyface appreciation

    I actually really like this song a lot! It is very smooth and VERY sexual! Babyface:heart:
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    2007 U2 Fan Survey

    The hardest question for me was which song I would want to hear of the ones that have never been played live....I couldn't pick between Drowning Man, Heartland, and Red Hill Mining Town...I ended up picking Heartland but it took me about 10 min lol
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    Exit Appreciation

    Yay!!! Exit appreciation! :drool: :drool: :drool: I love this song! Especially the live version with Gloria! It is so amazing!
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    Lanois: Edge has a new sound

    i think i heard "we're on the edge of a new sound" I don't think he was referring to just the edge. I think he means just the band as a whole.... It so exciting to hear that U2 are definitely going into a new sound!!!!:hyper:
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    I canNOT watch scary/horror/gore/etc movies.

    wow me neither. It takes so much effort for me to watch these movies. I really can't do it. I told myself that I had to watch the Saw movies, and i promise that I was traumatized after watching them. I can't take too much gore, or any really scary movie, like The Exorcist, or similar movies. :huh:
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    Video from Fez

    Just hearing these clips makes me soo excited for the upcoming album. The last part with all the guys singing that chorus is amazing! It sounds sooo great!!!!! Can anyone make out the lyrics?
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    New(er) 1 minute Mr. Roberts Trailer!!

    I really love the whole trippy aspect to it! Bono as Mr.Roberts is AWESOME! I can't wait to see this movie! :)
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    This movie was sooo funny!!! I saw it yesterday. McLovin was the best! Everytime I think of him I start laughing. Chicka Chicka Yeah! HAHAHAHA!!!
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    Electrical Storm - what a dark beauty

    I love this song! The lyrics are amazing and the music just carry the lyrics so beautifully. I love it! It is definitely one of my favorites
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    Name the thing that you MUST try...

    Miami: If you like chicken wings, beer, and jalapeno poppers then.... The Sports Grill is AMAZING!! They are the best wings in Miami hands down!!! :drool:
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    What was the absolute worst motion picture you've ever sat through?

    I absolutely agree 100%.... This movie sucked ass.
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    Sweeney Todd starring the DELICIOUS Mr Depp

    OMG!!! I can't wait to see this movie!!! :)
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    this is such an awesome thread!!! I love this movie, and I'm always surprised that a lot people haven't heard of it. "Dean" is the best character in that movie! BUT I love John Cusack! Anyways, I love this movie!
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    Hell's Kitchen!!

    That was so awesome of Chef to do that for her! So next week Bonnie is going home and then it will be between Jen and Rock. I have a feeling that Rock might win just because I can see him taking control of a kitchen, Jen is too worried about everyone hating her to fully take control. Rocks...
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    The official YouTube debate thread...

    I am usually not a Hillary fan, but tonight she was excellent. I was very impressed. Gravel was soooo crazy, a little frightening at times lol. Obama was excellent as well, but at this point I feel Hillary will get the nomination.
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    Campbell Brown leaves NBC for CNN

    Yes!!! Now I get to watch her on CNN! I loved her on NBC but I almost never watch that channel for news..I'm so happy that she is going over to CNN :)
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    All Facebook Discussion

    OOH facebook people! :) My name is Priscilla Zelaya i go to the University of Florida! Go Gators! Add me!
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    Hell's Kitchen!!

    I can't believe that Brad was put on the chopping block...Josh should have been gone a long time ago. Bonnie too. She always seems completely lost. Julia did a great job tonight!! Rock is getting on my nerves a little.
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    Arrested Development - Part 3

    Well if i had to come up with my two favorites it would have to be GOB and Buster.... "Heey brother!" lol But I can't decided who my favorite is from those two. I actually really liked Tobias for a while but you can't beat GOB and Buster. at all.
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    Arrested Development - Part 3

    I love this show sooo much. It is brilliant! Its so hard to have a favorite character on this show because all of them are flippin hilarious!.... COME ON!
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    ADE: Gator vs Power

    Gatorade is by far the best! Orange flavor :drool:
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    So You Think You Can Dance

    OMG I saw this show for the first time yesterday! This is one of the most intense competitions out there. I mean it must be so physically exhausting!!! I love watching people professionally dance they have so much talent.
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    Lisa Lopes (Left-Eye from TLC) Documentary

    I saw the documentary as well. It was great! I had never seen that side of her and the documentary was so personal. It was very eerie when they showed part of the car crash, very intense. It was a great documentary.
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