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    October 14th -- Houston, TX -- Reliant Stadium

    I was there too, from where I was sitting the sound wasn't too bad. But I thought muse's sound was strong and powerful, but u2's sound was a little weak. They needed to crank up the volume!
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    October 14th -- Houston, TX -- Reliant Stadium

    ....Yeah, Muse was amazing in Dallas.
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    Single Greatest Line Of Any U2 Song

    "A mole digging in a hole." :lol:
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    October 12, 2009 - New Cowboys Stadium Dallas - Texas

    ...Am I the only one that thought muse was amazing? They really rocked!
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    Best show so far?

    So what show do you all think has been the best so far? I went to the Dallas show, thought it was pretty damn good.
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    U2 on SNL Season premiere?

    U2 rocked! The rest of the show sucked.
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    U2 on SNL Season premiere?

    ...Man, that seems cheesy.:down:
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    Is this it? Only the cities listed? - Withdrawn U.S dates? - More Shows?

    U.S dates confirmed? So why did they withdraw the U.S dates? Do you think those dates are confirmed or not?
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    U2 Demotivational Posters!

    ....Look everyone it's Bonzo!
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    U2 Demotivational Posters!

    .... Oh my......:ohmy:
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    My fear

    ....So u2 is going to still be touring in twelve years?! (they signed with live nation) I don't think that's good!
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    My fear

    Thank for all your thoughts. Yeah, my only fear is that Bono will not sound as good eventually, but based on what you all have said and from what I can tell his voice is still holding out.
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    My fear

    This is just sort of a random thought, but do you think u2 will ever get to a point where they just can't perform live well anymore? I mean if they decided to keep touring for a while? Just wondering because I've yet to see them live but am planning on seeing them on their next tour. I just...
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    With U23D, You Too Are Onstage

    Am I the only one who was somewhat dissapointed? First, the 3d was ok, but I can live with that. Also, some lady came on before the show and said it was going to be played near actual volume and I was like awsome! And it turned out that wasn't true. And they mixed Bono's vocals way to low a...
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    Bono's A Character on The New South Park Episode!

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    more crap

    sorry if you all have already seen this;
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    Review: ‘U2 and Philosophy: How to Decipher an Atomic Band’*

    Being a religion major I have to take a few philosophy courses and I've always enjoyed reading and learning about philosophy, I think i'll have to get this book!
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    The Police reuniting for tour in '07 ???

    They're back! 2007 POLICE tour!
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    (02-08-2007) Noel Gallagher Attacks U2's Bono Humanitarian Efforts - AHN*

    I agree with noel somewhat. The thing is Bono is a rockstar. Latley, it seems that comes second I mean if he's such a humanitarian why the hell did he become a rockstar?! I like what bono does ofcourse, but it is really too much. People might get mad when I say this, but Bono it seems wants...
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    question for christians

    The only thing that bothers me is the concept is so logically wrong. To say that some how this rogue force or spirit somehow found it's way into our universe even though god creates everything. The only evil in the world comes from humans. I believe someone in this forum says humans aren't...
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    question for christians

    So basically, satan is perhaps a sort of fallen angel? If satan exist what other spirits exsist besides him? I get frustrated that God sort of left us a bit in the dark. Perhaps it's better that way.
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    question for christians

    But if your familiar with theology and christian philosophy you'll realize that only one true being exsist, no other! You can not say God the perfectect being created something that is the complete opposite of his essence! It bothers me that people don't seem to get this point. You all seem to...
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    question for christians

    Well it's nice to see people share my view. It just bothers me that people say satan is 'making' them do evil things and besides that christianity is a monotheistic religion and saying that satan is a sort of second being is a contradiction i think. Some of you were right i think in saying that...
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    question for christians

    Do you all think satan is a real force in the universe? I mean as a sort of driving force the same way god is considered to be active in the world. Im a christian, and I think satan is just a describing word for sin or man's impurity or lacking of gods will. Is that really crazy sounding? Am...
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    bass head and cap question

    Thanks. I proably need to just mess with the knobs some more.
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