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    LARRY Commercial

    Do any of you remember seeing a PSA (public service announcement) for helmet safety featuring Larry? I think it aired during the R&H era and it featured Larry playing a chromed out kit sitting up behind a Harley. A single lightbulb lights the space. Larry's voice plays over the video as he...
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    Vertigo and The Bible

    James 1:2-3, 14 (2)Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you face trials of many kinds (3) because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. (14)but each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed
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    Hey Layton - GO DAWGS!

    I was a senior at the UW in 1991 - a magical year to be sure. Incredible music and a NC for the Dawgs! Unreal.
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    Biggest/Best Band in the World by year since 1980

    The "Tattoo You" album was pretty big. They sold out the Kingdome in Seattle (65K) in 1981
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    Biggest/Best Band in the World by year since 1980

    Good fill-in, but I dont think The Police carried on much past 1984 - they released Synchronicity in 1983 and called it quits after that tour.
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    Bono look-alikes!!

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    Biggest/Best Band in the World by year since 1980

    Here's a shot, without referencing any research 1980 - The Rolling Stones 1981 - The Rolling Stones 1982 - The Rolling Stones 1983 - The Police 1984 - Duran Duran 1985 - Genesis 1986 - Sting (and his band) 1987 - U2 1988 - U2 1989 - Guns N Roses 1990 - Guns N Roses 1991 - U2 1992 - Pearl Jam...
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    Trade Seattle Monday GA tix for Sunday GA tix? Anyone?

    I have 2 Monday GA tix and want to trade for Sunday GA tix or good reserved seats for either night - anyone? Thanks!
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    What band should U2 pass the torch to?

    Pearl Jam - Could have taken the torch after/during the POP-era with their "Yeild" album, but laid low. "Binaural" and "Riot Act" more or less stunk up the joint. I think we may still see a PJ resurgence, but I doubt they'll position themselves in such a way to "claim" the title. Musically, they...
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    Best Song Since The Hay Days

    Best song(s) since AB... 1. Stay 2. Please (single version) 3. Gone (single version) 4. TGBHF 5. Zooropa 6. Ms Sarajevo 7. Levitate 8. Mercy 9. SYCMIOYO
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    A thought about U2 from a SPIN reader

    (paraphrased) From a letter to the editor... "U2 used to create culture, now they just seem to glom onto it" Your thoughts? Incidentally, in a non-related poll, SPIN readers voted U2 as the #1 band who should retire. Pretty harsh, but is there some truth to it?
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    Why is it such a crime to be critical here?

    I think there are many people here who think criticism = senseless bashing.
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    Why is it such a crime to be critical here?

    Do you honestly believe that? Kids in high school couldn't care less about U2 - that is a fact. I work with them and U2 isn't even on their radar. See, the problem is, you are of the opinion that fans can't be critical. I don't believe that's true.
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    Why is it such a crime to be critical here?

    Man, I can't believe the reactions of many of you to anything that is critical of the current music U2 is making. Why can't long-time fans be disappointed with ATYCLB and HTDAAB? Why are those opinions instantly tossed out? The FACT is, MANY long-time U2 fans are disappointed with where the...
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    Time to be controversial - City of Blinding Lights is CR@P

    I'm right with those who think it's crap. It is. If you want a song that builds momentum ala Streets, look no further than 'Levitate' - it kicks COBL's ass around the corner.
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    Bringing your parents to the show...

    Mom and Dad (51 and 52) came to POPMart in Seattle, Dad (55) came to Elevation w/ me. Probably not this time around.
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    Hotels where U2 Stays

    Olympic 4 Seasons in Seattle - I think the hotel has been re-named though.
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    Stage position for Arena shows???

    Anyone know if there's official word on stage positioning for the US arena shows? I heard rumblings of a round, center-positioned, rotating stage...confirmed??? BTW - the 2 Seattle shows sold out in less than 30 minutes.
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    Sun Studios and U2

    So I just visited Sun Studios and except for a couple of photos and the R&H mixing board, U2 doesn't get much love in there. There are a number of Sun Studios Compilation cds for sale there and I couldn't find any R&H era tracks on any of them. I was kind of disappointed. Cool place anyway!
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    Best album per musical "element"

    Vocals - Joshua Tree Lyrics - Achtung Baby Guitar - Joshua Tree Bass - Rattle and Hum Delay Pedal - Joshua Tree Drums - Achtung Baby Keyboards - Zooropa Cowbell - Achtung Baby
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    Best and worst lyrics

    I'm pretty sure it's... "Always pain before the child is born" As in - you usually have to endure suffering before blessings.
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    MERGED --> ABOY Video + ABOY

    Lame move, U2 Well, the boys just took another step to becoming The Rolling Stones... They allowed ABC to severely edit ABOY and splice Orange Bowl highlights throughout the video - and they call it a "World Pemiere"? Lame guys. Just plain lame. U2 is bigger and better than that.
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    Did U2 take it too far?

    Great responses everyone. It's ok for us to disagree. Just to clarify - I'm not looking for a re-make of JT or AB - or even the same sound(s) - what I was hoping for was something that would make me stand up and say "wow" - and I'm afraid it's just not going to happen. The last 2 records have...
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    Did U2 take it too far?

    Before some of you jump all over me - let me say that I have been a HUGE fan for over 20 years. No questions asked, U2 has been 75% of what has been played on my various stereos since at least 1987, when JT came out and I really got hooked. All that to say, I feared the day that U2 became...
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    Each band member's best song..

    Bono - With or Without You / One Tree Hill Edge - Until the End / The Fly / Like a Song Adam - Please Larry - Acrobat / Until the End
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