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    SOE 33: Bono to open the batting on new album, Larry to keep wicket

    Sorry for reposting if this already showed up, but a great interview with Bowser in Sunday Times - just need to register and you can read it.
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    The Blackout - Request Thread Thank you!!!
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    Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

    WHOA, BURN NOTICE. Should have been #s 2,3,4,7. Add Daily Mail or don't, I don't care. But the other 3 non-album songs are all brilliant IMO, and if you add them to KoL you end up with an album that is not just consistently good, but nice and meaty as well. I'll also take this moment to...
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    Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

    Why the eff do people hate on King of Limbs so much? It's a brilliant album. The only problem it has is that it's 8 songs long when it should be 11 (and adding "The Butcher", "Staircase", "Supercollider" and "The Daily Mail" fixes this). I think it's overexpectation after In Rainbows. Ok, so...
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    2nd Favorite Band?

    Joy Division The Verve Radiohead Springsteen Joy Division Talking Heads My Bloody Valentine Pearl Jam LCD Soundsystem
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    Songs of Experience Discussion

    Wow, what a refreshing quote from Larry, I love the honesty! Was the "misfiring" quote in reference to NLOTH? Any other yummy tidbits from the Q interview?
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    U2 Sirius XM Town Hall - Listen Here

    Thanks so much!
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    U2 is capturing every concert in digital format

    I would not call having your guitarist and bassist show up unannounced at a fan party corporate. But your point is well taken. They can do more, for e.g. Pearl Jam make a lot more music available to hardcore fans.
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    Wondering whether to even bother lining up today, or suck it down and buy nosebleed seats behind the stage for ~$250 from Vividseats & co. Decisions, decisions.
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    Volcano - Song Discussion

    I absolutely enjoy the song, but it's a wee bit of a guilty pleasure because some of the lyrics, or rather their delivery, is pretty goofy. If executed better, this song could have been a really nasty snarling beeyotch of a number. Also feel the song is constantly in a massive hurry to get to...
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    The Crystal Ballroom Admiration Thread

    I like TCB solo. It feels a little different. Much rather have that than the wankery that takes place on Unknown Caller. Then again, the solo is hardly the worst part of UC...
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    Bonos voice on SOI

    Honestly, I feel like Bono has consistently been singing about an eighth or a sixteenth tone higher than the melody since NLOTH, which was offputting at first but I am used to now. I'm not sure if he's actually doing that or whether it's just me or a bit of both. But generally he sounds in...
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    Songs of Innocence Promo Tour - Discussion Thread #2

    Man, SFS was real good. It sheds itself of much of its cheesiness when played like that. It would be great if they got Adam to play another acoustic guitar instead of bass on these unplugged versions. And Miracle is sounding better too. They're starting to nail that money part at the end.
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    SOI Promotional Apearances

    Pretty underwhleming, though a little charming for how low-fi and unrehearsed it all feels. Still, fuck the acoustic BS, boys, plug the fuck in. And Boner, start working on that range modulation breh.
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    Song For Someone - Song Discussion

    I just hate that "yeah" part in the middle, including the solo, which does nothing for me. Other than that, I really dig the Celtic-ey vibe in this song. Cool drumming. Although how many times has Edge used THAT guitar part now?
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    Songs of Innocence - Album Discussion Pt.2

    Hmm, that is a rather provocative statement on first glance. Let's see. Stay....COBL...MOS....Invisible...I think it edges out COBL. WOW!
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    Songs of Innocence - Album Discussion Pt.2

    Ok, guys. I gotta tell you something. I just really love "Invisible". I can't get enough of it. It's like the best of Joy Division and New Order or something. The "your face like snow" part just gets me. I think it really should have been on the album. Am I smoking crack or something?
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    Songs of Innocence - Album Discussion Pt.2

    There's no way anyone can up-res the Q interview page, is there? :hmm:
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    Songs of Innocence - Album Discussion Pt.2

    There are so many overt and subtle references to bands from the 70s that influenced U2. Invisible sounds like an homage/awesome ripoff of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Miracle is about listening to Joey Ramone. This is about seeing the Clash and steals from the most delicious Echo and the...
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    SOI Moments That Give You Chills

    That chorus is money. Money. Money.
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    Songs of Innocence - Album Discussion

    Couldn't agree more. People say Bomb is overproduced. I think it's the opposite - there's almost no production. There's very few layers, and they are all turned up to the max. There is no dynamic range. Compressed the crap out. And the result hurts ears. Plus, on songs like Crumbs you can...
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    This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now - Song Discussion

    Best song on the album. Perfect production. Wish it had a cooler outro though. Boney goes on and on about "joy" but this song actually nails the feeling. You can tell Larry's mad into it.
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    Songs of Innocence - Album Discussion

    That's interesting. I think of the "unknown caller" moment in UC happening to the character at exactly the moment that MOS ends. Unfortunately, it's impossible to take that story any further given that Crazy Tonight is the next song.
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