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  1. beatlesboy

    U2 vs Beatles: A Comparison

    U2 does need to crank out new material more often. I'd like them to anyway! :wink: Who are these 'Beatles' you speak of? :madspit:
  2. beatlesboy

    Which was/is the coolest Bono?

    Alright, That's a "D"... :yes:
  3. beatlesboy

    Which was/is the coolest Bono?

    Ok here goes... A HUGE "D"...
  4. beatlesboy

    Which was/is the coolest Bono?

    A) The Boy B) The Mullet C) The Pony Tail D) The Fly E) The Mofo F) The (Whatever you'd use to describe his "now" phase)
  5. beatlesboy

    Edge's guitar slide

    Doesn't Edge's 'ring' slide look like it has a concave shape to it. Shaped like this ====> ) Which would make sense since it would be easier to stay on one string. That Dunlop slide looks like it could be a nightmare! :ohmy:
  6. beatlesboy

    Hey man, there's like NO photos from Chicago 4?

    I was against the railing in the ellipse and my butt is black and blue from kicking myself for not bringing a camera on 5/12, but I figured "Oh well, there'll be plenty of pics up on interference"... :( :wink:
  7. beatlesboy

    Is it ok to leave you PC on for long peroids of time?

    A friend of mine who owns a computer repair company says it's perfectly ok to leave your system on ALL the time. He NEVER turns off any of his machines unless it's required for a repair, software upgrade, etc... Windows is actually made to be on all the time and in a healthy, up-to-date PC...
  8. beatlesboy

    The Official ZOOTV List!

    "I don't know what Zoo Tv is all about, so it must be art."
  9. beatlesboy

    Where's the 'light blast' at the beginning of Streets?

    What happened to the big blast of lights that used to happen at the beginning of WTSHNN? :shrug: I can't believe they scrapped that on this tour, it was a trademark for that tune in a live setting! That used to be the absolute pinnacle of energy at a U2 show (for me anyway!) and the song just...
  10. beatlesboy

    Artificial (ingenious) ways to make yourself "taller" in GA.

    I usually just stand on someone else's feet. Very cushiony, you'll be gellin' like a fellon!
  11. beatlesboy

    Question about the Bono missing the plane

    Nope, he missed the boat. :macdevil: Hey, that's the way it goes buddy!
  12. beatlesboy

    MERGED --> Song Before U2 Comes On Stage MEGATHREAD

    What's the title of the quite heavy/quick tune with the THUMP-THUMP-THUMP dance bass beat that shakes the whole room? They seem to be playing right before 'Wake Up'... :rockon: Good one!
  13. beatlesboy is perfectly safe to use. I HATE brokers and what they do, they'll screw you on the price but you'll get legit tix. I know many people who've bought through them and they're very reliable, so rest easy and enjoy the show! :wink:
  14. beatlesboy

    MERGED --> Counterfeit Tickets... + Serious Chicago counterfeit warning

    :ohmy: Didn't think of that one! Gonna get me some of that! :yes:
  15. beatlesboy

    Can you bring a guest into the GA line?

    It's for Chicago 4 on Thursday so there won't be any "FAN" GA tix, just our membership cards...
  16. beatlesboy

    Can you bring a guest into the GA line?

    I'm sure this has already been answered but I didn't think of it 'til the last minute and I'll have a guest with me who isn't a member... Thanx all!
  17. beatlesboy

    Any sightings?

    Yeah, that prick used to start all those friggin 'Name Game' posts! God I hate those things!
  18. beatlesboy

    U2 Name Game #16

    Three Sunrises
  19. beatlesboy

    U2 Girls are cute!!!

    :laugh: How's the song go?... "Why am I such a misfit, I'm not some kind of nit wit"... Er somethin' like that!
  20. beatlesboy

    MERGED --> Counterfeit Tickets... + Serious Chicago counterfeit warning

    It's interesting that TM is so loose about that. You'd think that to TM that stuff would be the equivalent of the blank paper the goverment uses to print currency. So I guess all one would need is a bit of knowledge about thermal printing and you'd be in business! :ohmy: Of course there...
  21. beatlesboy

    MERGED--> Will Chicago get a 'shake up' on Thursday? + surprises tonight 5/12?

    That's what I remember happening last time around, everything was pretty 'cookie cutter' 'til Chicago. I figured they wouldn't deviate too much from the standard set list because of the DVD filming, but now that it's over maybe they'll loosen things up a bit... :up:
  22. beatlesboy

    MERGED--> Will Chicago get a 'shake up' on Thursday? + surprises tonight 5/12?

    Since the DVD shoot is done, will Chicago get a 'shake up' on Thursday? Since the DVD shoot is finished, do ya' think they'll drop a bomb at Chicago 4 and shake up the setlist? I can just imagine the adrenaline rush! :drool:
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